Obesity Going High

Obesity is a world wide problem and it is on a constant rise. There is a research that was conducted in Canada and it showed that the Canadians who are obese are getting more obese.

The scientists still do not know as to why there is a constant rise in the population who are obese and getting more obese.

The researchers say that they do not yet know as to what is the exact cause of the steep high rise in the number of the obese people getting more obese, as well as the relation of the medical and the social factors that are contributing to this problem.

The researchers also added that it is really difficult to lose weight or even maintain weight when the person is at extremes level of obesity.

There was a study that was published in a journal, which mentioned that the people whose weight consists of 35 to 40 percent or more of fat have quadrupled since 1985.

There was a study that was released in 2004 in Canada where they found that about 7.8 percent of population was morbidly obese.

In those same statistics it was showed that there were about 36.1 percent of adults were overweight and there are another 23.1 percent who are obese and this makes the total to about 59.2 percent.

When the data was collected according to the ages, the children and adolescents between ages 2 and 17, there were about 26 percent who were overweight and about 8 percent who were obese and that makes the total to about 34 percent.

The research mentions that the Canadians are putting on weight much faster than they are taking it off. It also said that that the people who were overweight in 1994 had become obese by 2002. The rate with which the people gained back in the range of normal weight was about 10 percent.

The people who are morbidly obese are the ones who suffer a lot of health problems at a younger age, which include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, osteoarthritis, cancer and fertility issues.

It is also mentioned that when the person is obese, lifestyle changes do not help such as diet and exercise and the person needs drugs and bariatric surgery to control their weight.

There are a lot of other issues that the obese people face, which include not able to fit in the ambulances, wheelchairs etc.

Body mass index is an approximation of body fat, which is based on height and weight. It has been established that a person who has a body mass index of 25 or more is considered as an overweight individual, and a person who has a body mass index of 30 or more is called as obese.

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