Recipe To Prolonged Life

It has been dream of the people to live a life where they can live longer and healthier. This desire of humans to live forever just dates back to many centuries and Egyptians have been trying to find the remedy to live forever for a very long time. It is not that the people from the ancient times have been working on that, there are people these days who have been trying to find the way with which they would be able to live for a very very long time. The researchers who had been working on trying to find the remedy to prolong the life have found that magic ingredient in the red wine. They found that the red wine not only increases the life but also lessens a lot of the diseases when being given in large quantities to the mice.

The researchers conducted experiments on the mice to see as to the effects of the ingredient in the red wine and they found that it had a very positive effect in reducing the obesity as well. The researchers found that in order to reach an equivalent dose of the ingredients into the humans they have to drink about 20 bottles of red wine in order to get the required level of the active ingredient in the system. This chemical that increases the life span of the individuals is known as resveratrol. This ingredient has been known to have the life prolonging effects in the yeasts, roundworms, flies as well as fish.

I think we all would like to know a little more about the resveratrol. This ingredient is being produced in the plants and it is being sold as a nutritional supplement. This ingredient is found in different quantities in the skin of the grapes, peanuts, berries and the berries that have the resveratrol includes blueberries, bilberries and cranberries. It is also present in the pines and the roots and stalks of giant knotweed and Japanese knotweed. The amount of the resveratrol in the different food substances that has that varies a lot. For example the resveratrol in non-muscadine red wine is in the range of about 0.2 to 5.8 mg/L and it depends on the variety of the grapes too. Some of you might think that white wine must have a good amount of resveratrol in it too, it does contain resveratrol but it is present in very small quantities because the red wine is being fermented with the skin of the grapes whereas in the white wine it is not being fermented with the skin of the grapes. The wines that are produced from the muscadine grapes with both the red and white wine contains more than about 40 mg/L of resveratrol.

Now we are going to see another aspect of resveratrol where we are going to see the benefits that we can get from it. The benefits of it includes its anti-cancer effects, protection of the brain from toxic insults, anti-inflammatory effects, as well as life prolongation effects that have been reported for sure. As an evidence it was found that the individuals in Southern France have a very low rate of coronary artery disease and it is because that these individuals consume a lot of red wine even though that they eat a diet that is very rich in saturated fats.

The researchers are now planning to work on expanding their research on the rhesus monkeys where they are going to do a trial of resveratrol in them and will find out the effects on the rhesus monkeys to see as to how they respond to it. There is a whole lot of potential in the studies that are going to be conducted in the coming years and holds in itself a lot of room where it is possible that they can find a way as to how the humans can benefit from smaller doses where they do not have to drink a very large amount of red wine to get the adequate amount of resveratrol in the system to get the beneficial effects. Another research company has found out another related very potent compound where they are starting to treat the humans for a very common problem, type 2 diabetes.

The researches have also issued a warning for the people that they should not use the resveratrol as a food supplement because the researchers say that since only the positive stuff and there must be negative effects if they are taken at very high doses and they need to know as to what are the negative effects of this ingredient. So it is really important that people should not use this ingredient on their own and must consult their doctors first if they want to take it. It is also not desirable that people should take this compound on their own because the different packings in which it is available does not contain the specified dosage that is being advertised as well as they might have certain materials in them that are not good for health.

Now I would want to shed some facts that were found in an experiment that was done on mice in which the researchers took about 165 male mice that were the age of one year old, which equals to about middle aged humans. They divided this group of mice into three groups. The first group of mice was given a healthy diet, the other group was given a diet that high in fats and the third group received diet that was very high in fats as well as the ingredient resveratol. The two groups who were eating a healthy diet as well as the diet that was rich in fats became fat. The last group that was getting resveratrol in their diet along with the fat rich food were the ones who were healthy and did not get fat. It was also found that the level of the fats and glucose in their blood remained normal whereas in the other two groups the levels of fats as well as glucose rose very high.

Another very astonishing finding was that the livers of the mice who were given the supplements was normal whereas the other two groups grew double in size. There was also a lot of difference in the weight among the groups where the weight of the mice who were on resveratrol remained normal whereas the other groups became fat. The mice were also made to go through the different exercises and it was found that the mice on resveratrol were able to pass all the tests whereas the mice who were obese failed to pass the exercise tests that they were made to go through. When the mice got to the age of about 114 weeks, about 58 percent of the mice who were on the high fat diet died whereas the 42 percent of the mice who were on supplements were still living and were healthy. It was being found that resveratrol prevented these mice from having any side effects of the diet on them and kept them healthy.


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