Role Of Aspirin In Preventing Heart Disease

Aspirin plays a very different role in men and women from preventing them from heart diseases and strokes. In women, aspirin protects them from ischemic strokes, but they do not provide protection against myocardial infarction or death. On the other hand, aspirin provides men protection against myocardial infarction, but does not prevent them from strokes or cardiovascular mortality.

These results are derived from a meta-analysis study that was conducted in New York.

This is the first time ever that there is data available regarding women and there was no data that was available before for women and the doctors used to hesitate to prescribe aspirin for women. There was only data available on men regarding the use of aspirin. Therefore now it is much better as seen through the study that women can also use aspirin as men.

This study was conducted on 51,000 women and 44,000 men, and there were the differences in the cardioprotective effects between the two genders.

The common adverse effect that was found in both the sexes was that there was noted an incidence of major bleeding episodes.

The use of aspirin in the women was associated with a 12% reduction in cardiovascular events and about 17% reduction in stroke. There were no significant effects of aspirin that were reported on MI or cardiovascular mortality among women.

It has also been stated in the research that when an aspirin therapy is given for an average duration of 6.4 years, this resulted in an complete benefit with about cardiac events in 1000 women and about four events per 1000 men.

It has also been stated that the physicians must outweigh the risks and benefits of aspirin before they prescribe the aspirin therapy to any of the sexes.

The researchers also mentioned that as is reported in the study that there were very few cases of strokes in women and myocardial infarctions in men, it must be noted that the dose of aspirin, the duration for which it was used and the follow up was not uniform.


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