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Orthopedic care in Savannah

Orthopedics deal with musculoskeletal health issues and the general functioning of connecting tissues used in normal body functions. Situations which lead to deteriorating musculoskeletal health are too many to list, but generally, injuries and unhealthy daily routines can compromise the normal workings of body tissue.  Many medical facility offer professional orthopedic diagnosis for all conditions relating to the spine and musculoskeletal system as a whole.

Treatment for orthopedic conditions is mostly meant to alleviate discomfort, and in many cases, reduce the chances of recurring injury in the future. For preventative measures, people should get their joints checked out regularly, especially if their occupation requires significant physical exertion.

Back pain

Back pain and knee problems may be a normal part of aging but they should not be ignored. Sometimes, the body undergoes stressful periods when we constantly work without getting enough sleep or alter regular eating patterns and such, as lifestyle can lead to joint problems irrespective of age.

Pain in the heels/ankles

Women are known for ignoring pain, especially in the heels, where certain shoes cause discomfort and pain. If you experience sharp jolts of pain when you wear high heeled shoes, then it would be advisable to consult a doctor.


Swelling in the feet is not uncommon for people who stand for hours each day, and it is never a good sign. The joints can only take so much; after some time, the condition will worsen and the necessary treatment will be much more invasive and disruptive.


Athletic injuries have the potential to worsen if not properly treated. An injury may seem minor initially, but if not properly looked at, it can cause a gradual and severe weakening of sensitive tissue in the muscles and joints, and it can interfere with normal functioning. If you are part of an athletic team, then an orthopedic should be part of your entourage, and any case of misaligned joints or sharp pains should be carefully examined.

Limited mobility

If you are not able to move with the same mobility you once had, then obviously something is not right. A feeling of stiffness in the joints also warrants an X ray. Contact an orthopedic for a full examination and diagnosis so you can start feeling healthy again.

Orthopedic conditions are very specific and need a qualified orthopedist to diagnose and treat. If you suspect your joints are not working as well as they used to or are experiencing any kind of pain in your back or neck, then contact an orthopedist  for immediate medical assistance.

Don’t suffer with swelling, stiffness, or sharp pains.  Contact Savannah Healthcare and let them help you feel better.


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