Stress Causing Infertility In Women

Stress is a very big factor that is prevailing throughout the world. There are a lot of people who are suffering from stress and it is affecting their life in an adverse way. It is really shocking that the stress in the world is increasing as the time is going on and does not seem to be lowering in any way. In this article we are going to discuss the effects of stress in causing infertility in women and this has been a great concern among the women because stress is becoming an accelerated cause of infertility in women. It has been reported earlier in different journals that stress is causing a lot of problems to the individuals and the reported evidence is that stress can cause ulcers and it also imbalances the chemistry of the body and thus results in a great deal of problems inside the body.

Another breakthrough that the scientists have been able to find out is that the women who are suffering from high levels of stress, this causes high level of stress hormone in the body that results in stoppage of the ovulation and thus the women are unable to conceive. There have been about forty percent of women who are linked to the cause of infertility and also about forty percent of men are linked to the causes of infertility and in about twenty percent of the cases there are both the men and women who are the cause of infertility.

The other causes of infertility in women apart from stress includes hormonal disorders, blockage or damage of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis is also a cause of infertility because there is presence of the uterine lining elsewhere other than the uterus. The causes of infertility in males include the low sperm count, de-shaping of the sperm and decreased motility of the sperm.

In this article we will discuss about the stress being the major cause of infertility in women and the major reason for this is a lot of responsibilities being on their shoulder where they have to be up from very early in the morning till the kids go to sleep as well as abusive attitudes that they have to bear and severe marital issues through they have to go. It has been analyzed that the women who are at risk of being infertile because of stress are mostly in a denial phase that they are not stressed and it has been found that the women who are going through severe stress in their lives can be helped with the talking therapies, which can reverse the harmful effects of stress in their lives and can improve the chances of the women getting pregnant.

There was a study that was conducted on about 16 women who were in their 20s and 30s, these women were of a normal weight but they did not have a menstrual cycle in a period of about six months. There were blood samples taken of these women to find out the picture of the blood and it was found that these women who have not had a period in six months and when the blood levels came back, there was a spike in the levels of the cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone.

After getting the blood tests showed that there was a high level of cortisol in the blood, these women were given the cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as rest. The researcher added that the women when asked if they were going through any stresses they denied to it and said that everything is going fine in their life. The researchers added that the individuals who mostly report that everything is going fine in their lives are the ones who are mostly suffering from severe stress.

The researchers added that these women who say that they do not have any stress at all are actually possessing a nonrealistic attitude and they just do not realize that they crack with the severe stress but they do not understand stress in its true terms. The researchers stressed upon the fact that the lifestyle of different women have a direct effect on their life and that has a lot of influence on their menstrual cycle.

The women who had been given the cognitive therapy, as well as rest, there were about 80 percent of the women how had started to ovulate again as when compared to the women that were in another group and then after a span of two months there were about two women who got pregnant.

The research coordinator added that their study solely included women whose menstrual cycles were stopped, but it was also said that their study implies to the women who are still menstruating but have fertility problems, this study implies to them as well. Another very important point that was added was that it was possible that there are a lot of women who just only can benefit from the reduction in stress in order to treat the problems with infertility.

The researchers added that they are going to do a much bigger study than this so that they are able to have a bigger picture to see the results from that study and compare to the results of this study and if the results are going to match then this would just be a very strong evidence that the stress has a very big role in causing infertility in women and that this could become a part of detailed history taking that is being taken to determine the causes of infertility.

Another very important fact that was added was that the women who are suffering from infertility, there are about 20% of women who are suffering from the problems with ovulation and there are a lot of women who have problem with increased weight. It is known since long that the lifestyle greatly affects the menstrual cycle in women and that it can become a part and parcel to determine that whether the stress is cause of infertility and that cognitive behavioral therapies be instituted to treat the women who are suffering from infertility as an approach to treat it.

Therefore with decreased stress levels there can be much better chances at getting conceived and thus the research pointing out to stress as a reason of infertility can greatly help a lot of couples achieve pregnancy.


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