Take Your Temperatures Cautiously

A study was conducted by the nurses of University of Virginia where they mentioned that the mothers are right when they say that do not eat or drink anything before you take your temperature.

When we eat or drink, our temperatures change from baseline and this gives a false reading of our temperatures.

The research participants were given cold and hot beverages, and it was noted that the participants who consumed cold beverages, it took about 15 minutes to get their temperatures back to baseline, where on the other hand the participants who had hot beverages, it took them about 23 minutes to get their temperatures back to baseline.

Temperature is a vital sign that we take in an individual among blood pressure, respiration and pulse rate.

It is very important that the correct temperature is being recorded, as the variation in temperature is because of some pathologic process that is taking place in the body. Therefore taking the accurate temperature is one of the basic things.

The researchers also suggested that when a person plans to take their temperature, the individual must not be involved in any activities that may change body or mouth temperature and one must not exercise, smoke or chew gum before taking the temperature.

These researches have laid the foundation of evolving newer data and to identify ways as to how the health system, diagnosis and management and treatment can be delivered in the best possible way.

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