Your First Aid Kit

First aid kit is the most important gear that is present in every home but if you are thinking of making your own first aid kid then you can make a list of items that you will definitely be needing to make your first aid kit. You can also search online as to what are the different things that must be a part of your first aid kit, which will give you a better idea as to what are the important things that you need to have. If you have kids then you might be needing a more detailed list so that you can make the right choices to make your own first aid kit. The making of the first aid kit starts from the selection of the container that you will suit to accommodate the things that you need to build your kit. Obviously you have your own choices in terms of selecting from the different containers as to what is the container that you think suits the best, but as an opinion the tackle boxes serve as the excellent kits. The containers carried by the paramedics are pretty expensive and is something that you can buy at a $100 and thus is an expensive choice. Another suggestion that comes along regarding the container is the backpack, as well as the fanny packs that can also be very good for your first aid kit. It is always good that you make your own choices regarding the first aid kit because you are the one who is going to manage it.

Now we are going to discuss the different first aid kits that are needed in the different settings. The first kit that we are going to mention first is the home and the office first aid kit and this includes the following things: Assorted bandaids, non-sterile as well as the sterile rolled gauze, assorted sterile dressing pads, bandage tape, scissors, cold pack, sterile water, tweezers, bite relief as well as sting relief, a blanket for emergency, disposable latex gloves, cardiopulmonary resuscitation mask or CRP mask, syrup of ipecac, activated charcoal, triangular bandages, small zip lock bags, pen and paper.

The second first kit is the car kit, which is also a very essential thing that should be at hand, which includes assorted bandaids, sterile as well as the non-sterile rolled gauze, assorted sterile dressings, bandage tape, scissors, tweezers, instant cold pack, emergency blanket, sterile water, triangular bandages, bite as well as sting relief, disposable latex gloves, disposable cardiopulmonary resuscitation mask, flash light as well as batteries, flares.

The third kit is the travel or the outdoor kit. Since this is a travel kit then this must also have the space to contain the medicines that you are taking on a regular basis so that you have hands on your medicine and that they are being kept accordingly without the fear of losing it. The things that will be included in your outdoor kit will include the assorted bandaids, rolled gauze, assorted sterile dressings, sterile water, bite relief as well as the sting relief, instant cold pack, compact emergency blanket, disposable latex gloves, disposable CPR mask. Another very important aspect while selecting the things for the outdoor first aid kit, you must also know that the most common cause of death while camping and hiking is the attack by the venomous snakes, of which one does not have any thing to remedy that. There are special snake bite kits that are available in the market and that you should have it as a part of your gear and you must get the recent snake bite kits because the guidelines to treat the snake bites of the venomous snakes have changed and that you must have the most recent guidelines to deal with that. The experts have mentioned that it is important that if one is going on a trip to the wild or camping, they must have the anti-venomous injections with them, which will be the most effective remedy for a venomous snake bite.

The best place to get all the necessary things for your kit would be a pharmacy where you will find all the different things that you would be looking for. You can always look for the medical supplies store where you can buy the things, which you are unable to find at a pharmacy. If you are unable to find the CPR masks and the blankets, you can just search for them on the Internet and you will be able to find whatever you would need from there.

Now we are going to discuss the usage of the different things that you are keeping in your first aid kit and the first thing was the assorted dressings, bandages, tape, scissors are in your kit so that you are able to manage the wounds such as cuts, abrasions, lacerations. The sterile water is from which you will be able to clean your wounds. Tweezers can be used to pull out the splinters or any object that gets embedded in the skin. Cold packs can be used to stop the bleeding because it constricts the blood vessels and thus prevents the bleeding. If an individual is going through shock then you can cover that individual with the blanket. If at any point you feel that you have ingested the toxic substances then you can have the syrup of ipecac to induce vomiting. The disposable gloves as well as the CPR masks can protect you against the infections. You can jot down the specific findings on a piece of paper or the date, time or location where the event happened.

You just need to be very careful about the medicines that you need to keep if you are going on an outdoor trip and see as to what temperatures they need to be kept so that you can have the medicines at the right chemical composition. I believe that through this article you will have a lot of ideas of your own to make the best first aid kit so that you are able to manage the emergency situations. Best of Luck.


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