3 Common Exercising Issues

You have been trying to exercise in order to get in shape and to feel good. Yet, do you feel shaky, dizzy, or short of breath after an exercise session? In case you are experiencing these symptoms consult a doctor straight away. Here is looking into few of the common problems bothering most of us in the present day.

1. Shaky experiences- Shakiness can be caused by drinking too much coffee before going in for a workout. Another possible reason that contributes to this symptom is that you probably have a low level of blood sugar. Muscles need glucose to have energy, and if you have low levels of blood sugar, this may cause muscle jitteriness. The best thing that you can do to avoid this is to eat a light and healthy meal before exercising. You must avoid sugary foods, though this may cause a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels.

2. Itchy Issues- Are you desperate to have a model like figure? However, does itching skin bother you while working out to achieve the same? Working out builds up body temperature and this can cause skin problems for you. This is known as exercise-induced urticaria. Itching can also be caused from wearing the wrong type of clothes while exercising or by sudden changes of temperature.

One piece of advice is that you must avoid scratching your skin. Scratching will only make it worse. The thing that you can do about this is to shower immediately after your workouts. Also, consulting your doctor will help you get a proper medication to rid your skin of such irritation.

3. Cumbersome Crunches- Do your knees remind you of crunchy biscuits while working out? You might notice that whenever you do squats you hear crunchy sounds coming from your knees. If you experience pain whenever this sound occurs, there might be a serious problem brewing. To avoid this symptom, you can start by going in for strength training for the leg area. You can also change the type of your exercise after consulting your trainer. However, if symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Never neglect such issues, no matter how unimportant they appear. Mend them before they get out of hand.


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