Basics About Thrush And Its Treatment At Home

The fungi that are responsible for thrust are known as Candida albicans. The thrush is also known as yeast infection or candidiasis. This is not a serious disease that would cause disability, but the people who suffer from the thrush call it a very painful condition. The best thing that can be done when an individual is suffering from thrush is that they go and visit the doctor and get themselves treated for thrush, but apart from getting oneself treated by a doctor, there are other remedies as well for thrust that can be done at home. In this article we are going to list the different things one by one so that you are able to learn all the different aspects of how to treat thrush at home.

1. The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is that you must clean the area out thoroughly with plain water. You must not use soaps, shower gels as these products can worsen the infection. You must make sure that the area that is affected should be clean and dry as the dampness just aggravates the situation more.

2. You should use lubricants or spermicidal creams on the areas that are affected with thrush, as the condition can get a whole lot worse than expected.

3. You must never use the synthetic fibers or materials, as these will affect the area adversely and will deteriorate the condition more.

4. Another pretty important fact that we all must know is that stress triggers thrush and we should learn the strategies through which we can reduce the level of stress that we are going through so that way we can reduce the chances of having thrush.

5. There is a very effective remedy for thrush known as melaleuca oil, which can be bought at the herbal stores.

6. Another product that works pretty effectively for the problem with thrush is aloe vera gel that can be bought from the herbal stores by applying it to the affected areas.

7. You must avoid using oral contraceptives and broad spectrum antibiotics so that the problem of thrush does not get aggravated.

8. The individuals that suffer from iron deficiency anemia and diabetes are the ones who are more prone to get thrush. If anyone is suffering from any of these diseases, they must know that they need to be very careful that they can get thrush.

9. You can apply yogurt to the affected areas of thrush, as it will soothe the skin down and will prevent the inflammation from occurring.

10 You must avoid dried fruits and the products that are made with yeast, vegetables that are pickled, smoked foods etc. You can avoid the above said foods and then see as to what are the other foods that aggravate your situation and then when you find the different foods that are triggering thrush, you can eliminate them from your diet.

11. The supplements that can help you fight against the thrush are Probiotic supplements, which are the ones who support the fungi of the normal flora.

The bottom line is that the home remedies will help you treat the thrush, but if you are unable to get it under control, you must get immediate attention from your doctor on this matter and get this problem looked at.


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