Can Headache Nausea Possibly Dictate Your Headache Treatment Plan?

If you have regular headaches, and nausea to go along with them, then you may be surprised to learn that the existence of nausea with your headaches is actually the key to understanding the cause of your headaches. Headaches accompanied by nausea are often the most severe type of headache, called migraines, and your doctor needs to know about the nausea in order to give you proper treatment. Want to learn more? Here is a guide to how headache nausea can be a key to treatment:

Why you need to see a physician. If you are having true migraines, then you need to know that it is highly unlikely that an over the counter medication would be able to do anything for your headache or your nausea. For that reason, it is necessary to see a doctor right away if you are experiencing these symptoms coupled together. Only a doctor can accurately and correctly diagnose the cause of your symptoms, and you may need a treatment that only doctors can prescribe.

Nausea and vomiting. Medications for the treatment of migraines come in an array of forms. In some cases, the nausea is so bad that it causes vomiting; it is obvious that in this sort of circumstance an oral medication is not your best option. After all, a medication does you no good if it upsets your stomach to the point of making you vomit.

Forms of medication. As you now know, it may not be practical to take an oral medication for headache nausea. For that reason, there are other forms of medication that may be more suitable. One such form is nasal spray, which is sprayed and inhaled through your nose as soon as you detect the onset of a migraine. Pills that dissolve sublingually are another option; basically, you place the pills underneath your tongue and just let them dissolve. They slowly release the medication as they dissolve, and then are absorbed through your tongue and into your blood vessels, where they then circulate throughout your body.

Injections. While injections make many people squeamish, they are also an ideal option for people who have serious migraines that they need relief from. Injections are easily administered, fast-acting, and extremely effective at keeping nausea at bay.

Other types of headache nausea. In addition to migraines, there are other types of headaches that might give you nausea. For example, tension headaches that last for an extended period of time may begin to wear on you, causing nausea as the pain increases. Treatment for this type of headache nausea includes prescription medication.

The best thing you can do if you are experiencing the troubling symptoms of headache nausea is to see a doctor right away. Your doctor can accurately identify the cause and type of headaches you are having, and can also devise a treatment plan suited to your individual circumstances. Anyone who has ever suffered from headache nausea knows how very miserable the experience can be. Fortunately, this relatively common ailment can be treated – and effectively – with a simple visit to your doctor’s office.


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