Children Suffering From Allergies

Allergies are a growing concern throughout the world, especially in children. There was a recent report in which it was mentioned that the asthma and allergies is a rapidly growing phenomenon in the young. In the year 1991, there were studies conducted on the global prevalence of asthma, hay fever, as well as eczema. Another study was conducted in about 2002 and 2003 where there was the repeat of the surveys to see if there are any changes and in that study there were about 193,000 children who were in the ages of 6 to 7 years from around 37 countries. In the questionnaires these children were asked about the presence of the symptoms of asthma and allergies, which was wheezing and another set of children who were of the age of 13 to 14 years from different countries were asked the same questions and it was found by the researchers that there is a high trend of allergies among these children and there were a great incidence of cases reported for eczema as well as hay fever.

This regional study showed that there was a decrease in the symptoms of asthma that was known to be of high prevalence previously, but there were still countries that were showing these problems to be on the high side, which included the countries in Asia-Pacific, as well as India in both of the age groups mentioned above. There was also mentioned by the researchers that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of awareness and the environment as well as the treatments available for the allergic symptoms because a lot of the children are suffering from these problems because there is no proper management to make them aware as to how they can protect themselves from the allergic problems as well as making them aware of how to cope with the different allergic situations so that these children can live a better life.

The experts think that there are a lot of things that still need to be explored as to the new treatments of the allergies, as well as the exact causes that result in the allergic conditions in children. There are a lot of cases of allergies in children that are reported in the different seasons. It is known that these allergic conditions can cause serious health issues and that can even lead to death if these are not dealt with in an appropriate fashion. There is a general question that arises as to why there are growing cases of allergies that are happening all over the world. The major reasons that are yet known are the different environmental conditions, pollution of the water, as well as food, hygiene, as these cause a drop in the immune system and that results in the causation of other diseases that found a good ground to infect these children in the absence of the body’s own defense system.

Experts say that with prevention there are a lot of cases of allergies that can be prevented. For example if the individual is suffering from allergies, they can protect themselves from the allergens that are in the environment such as pollen, so for them it would be good if they wear a mask when they go out, which would protect them from inhaling the pollens that are acting as an allergen. There are individuals who suffer from allergies that are due to the pets such as cats, so it is better that they avoid coming in contact with the cats so that they do not suffer from an allergic reaction. The hygiene of the house is another important factor because the old carpets have a lot of dust in them and that just results in the dust particles in the home environment on a constant basis and that just aggravates the allergic symptoms. Molds, mildew are also a big causative factor that result in the development of asthma and other allergic conditions and these can be averted only by making sure that the environment is free from all these so that a better quality of life can be maintained.

There was another study conducted in which the focus of the study was to find the prevalence of the allergen exposure in about 1,300 children, and in this group there were about 500 children who were known to have risk factors for allergen sensitivity at birth. It was found that in about 90 percent of the cases in which the children were experiencing the symptoms of wheezing but they were not at risk for any allergies were the ones who lost the symptoms at school age and they had the normal lung functions at the ages of 13 and 14. On the other hand the children who were found to have repeated attacks of wheezing and sensitivity to allergens in the beginning three years of their life are the ones who are prone to develop the symptoms of loss of lung function as well as asthma.

The researchers also added that the term asthma should be totally removed as a term because it is a cluster of different things that include wheezing, cough, sputum production, difficulty breathing, and is caused by the inflammation of the air passages. The experts and researchers who are working on finding as to how these different allergens work their way to cause the allergies are still to be explored and the effective treatments that can totally alleviate the symptoms and help the children to develop such allergies in the later years of their life.


Warning To ADHD Drug

There is a recent concern that is being brought up by the use of one of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder known as Dexerdrine. This drug is known to provide benefits to the individuals who are suffering from the ADHD but according to the recent reports this drug can cause serious side effects in individuals who are suffering from heart disease. Since this drug is a stimulant, so it can cause unwanted side effects.

There was a notification in which the Food and Drug Administration has asked the pharmaceutical companies who are making the drugs to treat the ADHD should add a warning label on the drug Dexedrine for the patients who are suffering from heart disease. This warning was issued because there were some instances where the children and teens who were suffering from heart diseases who have taken this drug resulted in sudden death. The other side effects of this medication included hallucinations as well as delusional thinking.

One thing that was still unclear was that it is not known whether it is only Dexedrine that should not be taken or the other ADHD drugs must also have that label on them so that the individuals who are suffering from heart diseases must not take that drug as well. It came to knowledge that the Food and Drug Administration has issued the warnings on the newer ADHD drugs, but since Dexedrine belonged to an older class there has not been any warning issued for that specific drug, but now FDA has ordered to add a warning label for that drug.

There had been some conflicts in the decisions of the FDA where the FDA pediatric advisory committee recommended that the ADHD drugs should not carry the serious black box warnings on them and must have labels on them that will make the people aware of the fact of the side effects that this medicine can cause to the individuals who are suffering from heart diseases. On the other hand another FDA advisory committee about a month back said that there must be black box warnings that are added on the ADHD drugs because it is fatal for the people who have heart diseases. In the end the FDA advisory just remained focused on the less severe recommendation.

As of a current estimation of the children who are currently suffering from the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ranges to about 2.5 million in US alone and that is a very high figure, and it includes about 1.5 million adults as well who are suffering from ADHD and who are taking medications to take care of their ADHD symptoms.

ADHD was not recognized much but slowly and gradually it has growing number of cases that are being recognized and reported and that has caused a high surge in the medication so that this condition can be treated and the symptoms of this disorder can be alleviated. There is behavioral therapy that is being given to the individuals who are suffering from the ADHD but the role of medications is big because that is what controls their symptoms.

Another set of serious side effects that are being labeled for the ADHD medications include the growth suppression of children, high risk for psychosis, bipolar illness as well as aggression.

This warning is going to pose threat to a lot of individuals who are currently taking this medicine because this would caution the doctors to be very careful in prescribing that. Another very important aspect that was being brought into consideration was that the doctors should be more vigilant in taking the history because through history it can be better probed whether the individual is suffering from any heart diseases because if they are suffering from heart disease and suffering from ADHD as well then the prescription of ADHD medications must be stopped depending on the severity of the heart conditions. Even if the drug is being prescribed in the presence of the heart condition that is not that severe then a very close observation should be in place to see as to what are the side effects that the individual is going through after the use of the ADHD drugs.

In the end, I would like to say that there should be research done to find more safer drugs for ADHD so that the fears at the ends of both physicians who prescribe them as well as the parents and the children is avoided so that they feel much safe using the ADHD medications, which is really important since there is a huge number of people who are suffering from this illness.


Toxin Effective Brain Treatment

According to a research that was conducted by a group of scientists, it was found that a toxin can open a new avenue in treating the different brain illnesses and conditions. The researchers found that a toxin that was derived from the sea snail attaches itself with the nicotine receptors in the brain and that has shown promising effects to treat the different brain conditions.

It was in 1979 that a scientist discovered that another medical toxin known as conotixin, which is also known as Prialt was the one that got approved in about 2004 and it is this toxin that was being used to treat the cancer pain, pain associated with the injury, failed back surgery, as well as nervous system dysfunction. The new toxin that is being found is known as alpha cotoxin OmIA. This toxin is being taken from the snail known as conus omaria and that is being derived from the cone of the snail. This snail is being found from the Pacific and the Indian oceans.

The researchers are thinking that they will be able to treat the different medical conditions related to brain and those problems include the Alzheimer’s disease, depression, nicotine addiction, as well as even schizophrenia. The researchers added that they will be working on the different diseases separately and will be coming up with the treatment of the different conditions through this toxin. They said that they have to go through the different research layouts to see as to how this toxin will be able to help the different brain diseases. They said that with this toxin they are looking forward to even help people quit smoking. Wouldn’t that be amazing.

The way that this toxin works, which is the OmIA conotoxin is that it binds up with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, which is found on the nerve cells that are present in the brain as well as the spinal cord. The nicotinic receptors are those where the nicotine binds up with that is being smoked by an individual. This binding of the nicotine to the nicotine receptors causes the secretion of the neurotransmitters from the nerve cells and that causes an excitatory feeling by these neurotransmitters.

It is also of importance to know that there are different types of nicotinic receptors. These nicotinic receptors are alpha and beta and they both have subcategories in which the alpha has subcategories ranging from 2 till 10 and the beta receptors have categories ranging from 1-4. All these subcategories are known to perform their different functions. All the different subcategories of the receptors are known to perform their own function and that are different. The researchers were thinking that it would bring about a great influence in treating different conditions by making the different subcategories work really effectively. For example in the Parkinson’s disease the neurotransmitter dopamine decreases in amounts and thus causes a problem known as tremors. If the specific receptors are being made to secrete the neurotransmitter dopamine then this can cause the prevention of tremors in Parkinson’s disease. This then would be a big breakthrough in eradicating the different brain illnesses.

There was another comment that was made to making the smokers aware that if their child in the mother’s womb is being exposed to the smoke, then this can cause the child to have a significant variation in the structure of the nicotinic receptors and the smokers should either quit smoking for that specific period of time or should take measures where they are not smoking in home or are not making their wives smoke passively, which can directly affect the health of their child.

Now coming back on the topic, these toxins that are being found are known to bind directly to the nicotinic receptors. It is being thought that the nicotinic receptors are responsible for alcohol addiction and that with these toxins that bind to these receptors they can cause the individual to not have the craving for alcohol. It is also known that one of the nicotinic receptors are known to be related to the memory and it affects the memory if there is any problem related to these nicotinic receptors and with this toxin it is being thought that the problem of memory related to Alzheimer’s can be treated. Also the people who smoke can be made to leave the cigarettes with the help of this toxin.

Another major breakthrough that can be achieved is that the nicotinic receptors are known to secrete two other neurotransmitters known as serotonin and norepinephrine and the imbalance in these neurotransmitters result in the mood disorders and these can be used to treat the two common disorders known as depression and schizophrenia, which is going to help large number of people throughout the world.

The researchers added that this toxin will not become a drug but will be used as a tool to identify and isolate the different receptors and they will make the medicines according to that. He recommended that the receptors will be the locks whereas the medicine will be the key to open up these receptors. They added that they need to find as to the exact neurotransmitters that are present because the making of the specific drugs will be dependent on the finding of the specific receptors and their shape so a very close model key can be built in the form of a medicine that would unlock it and give the desired results.


Stop To Avastin And Erbitux

Cancer of the bowel is one of the biggest killer of millions of people throughout the world. The reason that this cancer becomes more lethal is the fact that it metastasizes to the different organ systems at a much faster rate. In UK alone this cancer is the cause of about 50 deaths per day from bowel cancer and there are about 18,000 men who fall victim to this cancer and about 16,000 women who fall in this category. This just needs a lot of awareness among people as to what are the different measures that they need to take to prevent the bowel cancer. Since this disease is growing at a very aggressive rate we all need to do a lot more than what we are doing now. There was a very discouraging news that came up in terms of bowel cancer.

Recently the NHS in UK proposed that the two drugs known as Avastin as well as Erbitux should not be prescribed. They said that there was insufficient evidence to support that these two drugs are helping the people who are suffering from the bowel cancer. This proposal has faced a lot of opposition of the different groups and organizations as well as a lot of people who are suffering from the bowel cancer. These people said that they just cannot think that they would have survived without the use of Avastin or Erbitux because for them these medicines are the hope and if these medicines are being taken away from them then they would not be able to live. It is similar to ask a person that he would not be getting oxygen to breathe.

A lot of people have shared that they just could not believe that this kind of proposal has been raised since there are so many evidences where people have got so much benefit from these drugs and that these medicines have been able to give them their life back. The different charitable organizations have said that these drugs are the best known option for the people who are suffering from cancer that has spread to the different organ structures. They are also saying that these drugs are also miracle drugs because they are known to increase the life expectancy of the individuals by four to six months and that is a great deal of time for a person who is to die in a day or two without it. It is really concerning that Scotland has made a similar decision as well.

It is a fact that the bowel cancers can be treated if detected early and they are not treatable if they are being detected in the later stages. The drugs Avastin and Erbitux are monoclonal antibodies and they are just similar to the biological agent such as Herceptin that is being used to treat the breast cancer. The Avastin and the Erbitux are being given to the patients in whom the cancer is being known to metastasize to the liver and the lungs and they bear a potent effect by killing the tumor cells. Avastain is also known as bevacizumab and it kills the cancer cells by simply blocking up the food supply of the tumor cells, which is blood and thus prevents the spread of the tumor from growing into the body.

There are a lot of patients who have come up protesting that this proposal must not be considered because this will just kill thousands of people just because they did not get the treatment for their illness. There are people who said that since they have been taking these medications they are feeling much much better than before and they just do not know as to what is gong to happen to them if the drug is being taken away from the market and is not available to them.

These medicines are being used as a last resort of treatment and is being given when all the other chemotherapies have failed and that is what makes a drug of hope for a lot of people who consider it the last step and a savior that separates their life from death. The drug Erbitux, which is also known as the cetuximab does its work by stopping the proliferation of the cancerous cells. These drugs have also been known to shrink the size of the tumor by about 50% in about four months’ time.

Another reason that is being discussed mostly is the cost of the drugs and that Avastin costs about 16,800 pounds whereas Erbitux costs about 11,700 pounds and that is another reason that the NHS is thinking to stop the prescription of these two drugs saying that they have scarce resources and they do not think that these medicines are having any beneficial effect on the patients at all. On the other hands the doctors who are giving these therapies to their patients are saying that they have found good results in people in whom all other forms of therapies have been useless where these two medications are proving beneficial.

People are saying that this is a very cruel step by the NHS because this can just cause loss of lives of a lot of people and people just will be dying miserably if this drug is being taken off of market or is being stopped being written as a prescription drug. The importance of the treatment through this drug can only be known by a person who is being told that he only has a week to live and that he has a chance to survive for about four to six months if he opts for Avastin and Erbitux and one can easily understand as to how important these drugs are for individuals who are standing at that stage of life and death. People are being saying that they just cannot believe that the NHS is not willing to fund the drugs that are saving the lives of millions of people who are suffering from this horrendous disease.


Accutane Causing Problems

Acne is a very common problem and a lot of people especially youngsters are suffering from acne problems. Well it is not only the youngsters but also the adults who are victimized by this problem. The most popular drug to treat acne had been Accutane until there have been new findings about this medicine, which state that this drug, Accutane, which is also known as isotretinoin is an anti acne drug, which is connected to cause a rise in the cholesterol levels in a higher percentage of people than was previously thought. This drug also raises the level of fats in the blood, which are triglycerides, as well as elevating the levels of the liver enzymes.

This drug has been known to increase the level of cholesterol in the body through the clinical trials, but since it is causing this problem in a large number of patients is something that is getting the people as well as the physicians really worried as it was known to be the promising drug to treat the acne conditions in a lot of people and a lot of people have found benefit from this drug.

The doctors who had been prescribing this medicine said that they have known for long that the Accutane is a medicine that raise the cholesterol levels in the blood and that they have been very cautious in prescribing this medication to the individuals who have had higher cholesterol levels. The doctors also said that when they prescribe the medication Accutane they are much more careful about the cholesterol levels and just monitor it on a consistent basis. It was also added that the level of the cholesterol goes down when the drug level goes down after it is stopped, so it is a temporary side effect of this medication and is not something that just turns out to be a permanent problem.

The concerning thing for the physicians is that the number of people who would suffer from high cholesterol levels that was suggested in the clinical trials for this drug was low and now it is being found out that the numbers have risen very sharply and a very percentage of people who are taking this medication are having higher cholesterol levels. It was also told in another study that the individuals who were using Accutane that one out of every 10 individuals was showing abnormally high levels of specific liver enzymes and these enzymes only rise in the presence of liver disease, which was concerning.

There was a study conducted on patients who were suffering from acne ranging in the ages of 13 to 50. In this study it was found that the individuals before going through the treatment of Accutane had normal levels of triglyceride, cholesterol and liver enzyme levels, but after taking the Accutane the study showed that the triglyceride levels rose in about 44 percent of the patients, high cholesterol was reported in about 31 percent of the patients and there was a rise in 11 percent of people with liver enzymes. This study also mentioned that about 92 percent participants with the liver enzyme abnormalities returned to normal once the treatment was stopped and about 80 percent of people who were suffering from high triglyceride levels and the 79 percent of people with the high cholesterol levels had a return of normal blood work when they were taken off of Accutane.

On the other hand the researchers mentioned that it is important to state that if there are even temporary elevations of cholesterol and triglycerides, this can lead to the development of the metabolic syndrome, which includes high blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities, increased blood sugar levels etc. It is almost important to state that these metabolic syndromes ultimately lead to the development of the coronary heart disease that can ultimately lead to death.

There are doctors who are saying that they just cannot out rightly advocate to not prescribe the Accutane because that has been the wonder drug that the Dermatology has seen in years and that this study is something that just makes them cautious. They also added that they think that the benefit of this drug outweighs the risks and that this drug has cured about 89% of the patients thus far.

There is a special registry that is being made for people who are taking Accutane where the Food and Drug Administration has asked the physicians to log all their patients who are taking Accutane and that it is necessary for these patients to come and visit their doctors once a month and get their blood work up to see as to whether they have elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels and if they are elevated then at what level do they stand at. It was also mentioned that the individuals who are getting the Accutane treatment must be observed very closely for the symptoms of depression, irritability, mood swings, as well as suicidal thoughts, aggression, psychosis etc.

If we look at the package insert of Accutane, it states that there are a quarter of patients who will suffer from the elevated triglyceride levels and about 15 percent from the elevated liver enzymes. It is really important that doctors take care at their part in prescribing this medication and on patients part they should come for regular checks to get the levels of cholesterol assessed at regular intervals.


Relieve Your Pain Through Magnet Therapy

With a lot of advancements in the world of science, there is a new breakthrough in providing pain relief with the help of magnet therapy, which is a really new avenue in terms of providing pain relief. There have been researches conducted on a group of patients who have been suffering from post-polio syndrome. In that study a small magnet was strapped to the sensitive spots that were pretty sore and that the use of the magnet just reduced the level of pain in these individuals. In that study, which was a double blind study most of the patients were the ones who received the treatment with the magnet were the ones who had decrease in pain and on the other side the individuals who were given the placebos or the magnets that were inactive were the ones who either reported little or no improvement at all.

The researchers just analyzed the aspects of the magnet therapy in the adults who were diagnosed with the post polio syndrome and were suffering from the arthritic pain in the joints or had pain in the muscle. There were about 39 women and about 11 men who participated in the study. All these individuals were in their 50s and they had developed the post polio syndrome at the age of 40. First of all these patients were asked to identify the trigger points where they were feeling the most pain and they were asked to rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10 where the level 10 was the worst. After that the patients were then randomly given an active and inactive magnet and that magnet was then strapped to their trigger point for a total of about 45 minutes. When the magnets were removed then the patients were asked to rate the intensity of their pain again and there were a total of about 29 participants in that study who received an active magnet. The pain that these individuals rated was of about 9 plus before the treatment and then when they wore the magnet the pain level reduced to about 4.4. On the other hand the group who received the placebo rated their pain to about 9 plus before they received the treatment and after the treatment the pain level went to about 8.4.

While explaining the magnets, the researchers said that these magnets are about less than a half inch thick and these magnets were slightly stronger than the refrigerator magnets and they were available in four set up arrangement so as to adjust in the different areas of the body, it is a rectangle which is the size of a credit card, and there was a six inch strip that was almost about two inches wide, a disc that is the size of a silver dollar and the disc, which is the size of a CD. There were about 76% of the patients who had been treated with the active magnet and they reported a decrease in pain and on the other hand only about 19% of the individuals who were treated with the placebo were the ones who felt improvement and there were no individuals who reported side effects from the treatment. The researchers said that they were not sure as to exactly why the patients did have a significant and quick pain relief. They said that the magnetic energy might be affecting the pain receptors both in the joints and in the muscles and that it lowers the sensation of pain in brain.

The researchers said that they need to do more researches in that aspect so that they are able to know as to what are the different aspects involved in the treatment of pain from the post polio syndrome and understanding that whether the magnet therapy should be recommended as an alternative to the treatment that are being prescribed as a standard mode such as physical therapy, braces, anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as muscle relaxants.
One of the physicians have made his opinion that the magnetic therapy has been under observation and there is a lot of data being collected that shows a lot of people who have used this mode of therapy have gained benefits from it. The thing that needs to be seen here is that there are two kinds of magnets that are being used, one is the pulsed electromagnet that has shown its effectiveness to treat the slow healing fractures as well as in other conditions where it has shown proven benefit, whereas on the other hand is the static magnet that is being marketed with the slogans that it increases circulation, reduces the inflammation and also gives a speedy recovery from injuries to the individuals. The physician added that there are no supportive evidences to prove the benefits of the static magnets.

There was another research conducted in which there were patients who were suffering from heel pain. In this study the patients wore molded insole that contained a magnetic foil in about 19 patients, where as other 15 patients wore the same insole but there was no magnetic foil in that. In this study there were about 60% of the people who reported improvement belonged to both the groups and it suggested that the magnetic foil just showed no benefit.

There was another study that was conducted on about 20 patients who were suffering from chronic back pain. In this study the patients were exposed to both the real and sham bipolar permanent magnets and this therapy lasted for about 6 hours a day for about 3 days a week and there was a one week gap between the treatments. There was no difference in either pain or mobility that was found between the treatments.

The physician also added that the manufacturers of these magnets claimed that these magnets increase circulation and he said that this claim is false because the magnet just did not raise the circulation of that area because if the magnet increased the circulation in that area then that area would have gone red. There was also a study that was conducted to see whether this claim was right or not that the magnet increased the circulation but it was found that the magnet did not increase the blood flow at all.

From the above mentioned information it is really important that when you are being told about the therapy that you ask your physician about the pros and cons of this therapy and that what is the percentage of improvement in pain among the different individuals suffering from pain so that you are able to make your decision that whether you are going to opt for this therapy or not. I hope you have found this article helpful and informative. I hope you overcome your pain that you are going through. Best of luck.


Fibromyalgia And Exercise

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain illness that is characterized by the widespread musculoskeletal aches and pains, includes the pain and stiffness, tenderness of the soft tissues, fatigue, as well as sleep disturbance. The most common spots where the aches and pains occur are the neck, back, shoulders, hands and the pelvic girdle, but in this illness any part of the body can be involved. The pain ranges to different level of intensities and that these differ from time to time. Another very striking evidence is that there are about 3-6 percent of the United States population who are suffering from this chronic illness. The most common gender affected by this illness are the females, but this illness also affects men as well as children.
Fibromyalgia has a tremendous impact on the lives of the individuals who are suffering from the fibromyalgia syndrome. Let us take an example that a woman who was happily married with two kids now is suffering from this illness and she has a lot of responsibilities that she has to do in an entire day, but now due to the aches and pains in her body she is unable to do that and is suffering greatly from them and thus is unable to do any of her responsibilities the way she used to and it is really affecting the lives of the entire family because now her husband has a lot to do around the house as well as go to his job and earn money to make the ends meet. If the woman has a job, she might go on a leave or has to quit that job, so this puts the family under tremendous amount of financial pressure, as well as a lot of chores that are to be done on a day to day basis. Therefore this illness just changes the entire lifestyle of the family and just puts them at increased stress.

Now we are going to look at the symptoms of the fibromyalgia, which includes pain as its first symptom. The pain of fibromyalgia is quite significant and it is present throughout the body and is chronic. This pain just does not stay at one point but can involve any part of the body. If we describe the pain of the fibromyalgia, it will be that this pain is deep and is in the muscles, it is throbbing in nature and stabbing and shooting in character. There is also involvement of the neurological symptoms that include numbness, tingling, burning and this greatly intensifies the pain of the individual. The factors that greatly increase the pain include the change in weather that includes cold and humid weather, disturbance in sleep, either excessive or decreased physical activity or no physical activity at all, as well as anxiety and stress.

Another very striking symptom of fibromyalgia is the fatigue. The fatigue of the fibromyalgia is very different from the fatigue that occurs due to strenuous activity throughout the day. The fatigue that is experienced in the fibromyalgia patients is different in terms that it drains the entire energy in an individual and one feels that they have no energy at all in them to do any of the chores or any activity and this is very much depressing for the individual that they have no energy at all to function.

Along with the above two symptoms that are described above, there is another symptom that just damages the life of these individuals and that is the sleep problem due to the pain that these individuals suffer. The pain can occur at any point in time and that this pain can get greatly intensified and can involve any part of the body and thus the individual going through such pain cannot sleep during the night and cannot maintain sleep because of the pain that they are experiencing so they are up after sleeping for a few hours and this just leaves them unrested throughout the day.

Along with these symptoms, other symptoms include irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bladder, migraines, headaches, restless legs syndrome, memory deficit, lack of concentration, dry eyes, dry mouth, anxiety, chronic depression, ringing in the ears, neurological symptoms and impairment in coordination.

It is not easy to diagnose a patient who is suffering from fibromyalgia and it is from the history that the doctors gather the diagnosis from. The sites of the tender points and the history of the pain, extent of pain, character of pain, the extent of fatigue are of a major value where the doctors understand that these symptoms are indicative of fibromyalgia. It is important to note here that it takes a longer time to determine as to whether or not the individual is suffering from fibromyalgia. If there is presence of other diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis then the diagnosis of this disease is going to get a lot difficult. There is a diagnostic criteria that needs to be met to label an individual with the fibromyalgia, which includes the widespread pain in all the four quadrants of the body for the least duration of about three months. The tenderness in about 11 out of 18 points in the areas specified for the fibromyalgic points.

Another question that just raises in the mind is that what is the cause of the fibromyalgia. As of now there is no exact mechanism to explain the cause of fibromyalgia but the researchers agree that fibromyalgia is a disorder of the central processing with the dysregulation of the neuroendocrine/neurotransmitter. The patient suffers increased pain due to the abnormal sensory processing in the central nervous system. It has also been found that genetics is also responsible for the cause of fibromyalgia. The researches are still conducted to determine as to what are the definite causes of fibromyalgia and how this can be prevented.

One must get the treatment of fibromyalgia from the physician who has a command in that problem so that the right lines are being determined so as to treat these individuals who are suffering from its aftermath. Most commonly pain is the biggest symptom of fibromyalgia and for this reason over the counter pain medications are being prescribed, which includes acetaminophen, ibuprofen. There are certain instances where the individuals do not get any benefit from the over the counter pain medications are being prescribed non-narcotic medications such as tramadol or the low dose antidepressants, which include tricyclic antidepressants, serotonin reuptake inhibitor. If there is excessive pain then the physicians give lidocaine injections in the tender points so that pain can be kept at bay.

Another very important aspect that is gaining a lot of strength these days is exercise because fibromyalgia leaves people totally incapacitated and that causes them to lay down for most of the time and because of this they lose a lot of muscle content and for that matter they need to focus on the different exercises that can help them to build their muscle framework back and that will strengthen them to perform their activities of daily living. The individuals suffering from fibromyalgia might not like to exercise but if they make it their focus to gain their strength and their life back, they can put in all their energies and can regain the strength back and can star to live a normal life.

Therefore it is very important that the individuals who are suffering from fibromyalgia contact their physician or exercise instructor who can tell them about the specific exercises that can help them gain a lot of the muscle mass back in the least possible time. I hope this article would be helpful to you and that you have gained basic information about fibromyalgia. I hope that you get well pretty soon. Best of luck.


Exercise Program Treating Depression In Elderly

Depression is a problem through which a lot of individuals are going through and that if we see around ourselves, we will see that there are a lot of individuals who are going through the feeling of depression and it is something that is eating them up really bad and these individuals just slowly shut themselves up and just go through isolating themselves from their surroundings. This negative behavior just makes the people go through a lot of misery inside them and it is just that they do not share and are not involving themselves into any activity. The community that is getting really affected from the clutches of depression are the elderly and in this article we are going to discuss as to how beneficial the exercise is to treat the depression. It has also been found that the middle aged and the elderly group also seem to get a whole lot benefit in their cognitive abilities through exercise.

Another very important finding that was seen through the exercise therapy was the significant improvement in the higher mental processes of memory and the functions that are termed as the executive functions, which include planning, organization, and multi-tasking of different tasks at one time. Therefore it was seen that the exercise not only lifts the depression but also brings a great deal of improvement in the higher mental processes and that is really an amazing benefit that the individuals can get from exercising. The researchers also added that the regions of the brain where they found true effectiveness of exercise were the frontal and the pre-frontal regions. The researchers also found that there were also benefits in the attention, concentration and the psychomotor skills.

The researchers added that with exercise there might be improvement in the decline in the cognitive functioning that is most commonly associated with the process of aging and that this is something that will need further studies to clarify this process and there will be definitely studies conducted to see the relationship of the effects of exercise on the cognitive functioning of the elderly. They said that along with seeing the cognitive benefits, it is also very important to see as to what are the different mechanisms that are involved in this process. Since the exact nature of the cause of improvement is not clear, it is believed by the researchers that this improvement might be because of the improved flow of oxygen rich blood to the specific regions of the brain.

The researchers said that they know that the exercise in general improves the ability of the heart to pump the blood and that it improves the contractility of the heart and it also increases the capacity of the blood to carry the oxygen. It was also linked to the said fact that that is why the elderly individuals have improved functioning because the blood flow as well as the oxygen carrying capacity increases to the brain and this is considered to be the cause of rapid improvement in the cognitive functions and health in the elderly individuals. The researchers added that since exercise improves the blood circulation to the muscles and improves the function of the muscles, as well as the tone, so it is thought that it can also have the similar effects on the brain.

There was a study that was conducted on exercise and depression, which is known as SMILE, which is an abbreviation of Standard Medical Intervention and Long-term Exercise. In this study the researchers have followed about 156 patients who were of the ages between 50 and 77 who were diagnosed with major depressive disorder, which is also known as MDD. These individuals were divided into different groups in which one group was doing exercise, the other was on the medication and another group was on a combination of medication and exercise. The exercise group was the one who were spending about 30 minutes in which they were riding a stationary bicycle or walking or jogging three times a week. The other group was the one who were using anti-depressant, which is known as sertraline, also known by the name of Zoloft and this is a very commonly used drug that belongs to the class of anti-depressants known as the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

The researchers found out after 16 weeks that the groups that were on exercise, antidepressant medication, as well as a combination of both showed that all of them had effective medication in treating major depression. The participants involved in the study were put through standard tests for depression, and they took tests to check as to what are the cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, concentration, as well as the psychomotor speed. It is to note that these tests were taken before they enrolled in the trial, as well as four months after.

When the results were compared from the 42 members who were selected in the exercise group with the 42 members who were in the medication group, they found that exercise had a very positive effect on the areas of cognitive functioning. These individuals who showed a lot of benefit to the exercise therapy were the ones who had mild depression. Those people who were suffering from moderate to severe depression were the ones who showed less improvement. The research has not stopped here, but the researchers are enrolling different individuals in another study in which the participants will be diagnosed as depressed and will be the ones who will able to exercise over the age of 50.

This research has proved great benefit to the elderly individuals and will open great avenues for a lot of facts to be unveiled so that a lot of individuals benefit from it. All these researches are a great asset and will be something that will bring hope to a lot of individuals.


Humidity And Heart Attacks

There are a lot of things going on around us and we just do not realize as to how important of the data that we miss in each moment that is passing by. There are a lot of researches that are going on and are revealing a lot of important statistics that is helping us to understand as to how are the different things that are happening, what is the relation behind it and what effects is it causing on the people. In the research that we are going to discuss in this article focuses on how the weather affects the life of the people who are living in their 70s and above. There was a recent statistic that was being focused on the understanding of how the humidity causes heart attacks in the elderly individuals and that the humidity even affected them if they were living in the areas that have a milder climates.

In this research the scientists found out that the weather conditions in which there was high level of humidity in the environment, as well as the increased temperatures can increase the risk of heart attacks in the individuals who were of or above the ages of 70s. The researchers just put together the data of people who died who were in their 70s and along the side they put together the data of the weather conditions in the different months and then saw the level of the deaths that were reported in the different months and the statistics that were available were very alarming because it showed that the months where the weather condition was worse with a lot of humidity in the environment were the ones in which that there were most deaths were reported. The statistics showed that there were about 3,126 individuals who suffered from fatal heart attacks in the year of 2001 and out of these there were about 1,953 men.

The scientists put the figures down and found that the individuals who were above the age group of about 70s were the ones who were suffering the heart attacks that was about 3½ times higher in the month of June and this was about 7 times higher in the month of December when compared to the people who were in the other age groups. The scientists put down the levels of the humidity for the different months and compared the deaths with the levels of the humidity for the different months.

By putting down this data together it was found that there was a very close relation between the weathers with high humidity and the deaths reported in elderly. It was found that the deaths in the winter month were very high than the deaths in the summer and this change in the weather was directly connected to the elderly living in their 70s and over. When they looked at the data more closely they found that as the weather was getting warmer the death rates were coming down significantly and as the temperatures started to go down, the death rates started to climb again and this just made it so clear as to the relation of the heart attacks and deaths that were related to low temperatures and the humidity.

It was also found that the weather changes that were there for a short period of time did not make much impact, but the extreme temperatures did. The study also showed that the average temperature of a day was a better indicator than the daily temperature to deduct the effects of the temperatures on the elderly individuals and to determine as to what temperatures would be high risk for them. The temperature and the weather statistics were the basic things that were put down together along with the death rates because the fluctuation in these two variables was directly related to the death of the individuals and it was found that the death rates increased as the humidity levels rose when the readings were plotted in the graph. It was also determined that the month with the most humidity was the month of December and the month that had the least humidity was the August. This study was conducted in Athens and that the levels of the humidity in different months must be different in the different regions. So it is important that when these statistics are put together in the different countries, the accurate temperature and the humidity levels must be accounted for in that region so that the most humid months can be determined and there is a warning sign could be aired out so that the elderly people can take extra preventive measures to take care of themselves.

The researchers also added that this research is preliminary but it has opened a lot of avenues for the research to be done in this area, as the death rates are going very high in the months where there is high humidity and this needs to be controlled so that we can save the elderly people from dying with heart attacks and some thing just needs to be done regarding that. The best thing that can be achieved through this is that we can aware our elders and we can provide them with an environment where they are safe and not affected by the humidity so that we know that they are safe.

To all the readers who are reading this article, I would just like to ask you to discuss this thing with your parents and elders and tell them as to what was the finding of the different researcher who spent their day and night to find as to what are the effects between the temperatures, humidity and the deaths so that the elders must know that the months where there is increased humidity that they need to take extra care of themselves. I would really appreciate if you do that. Thanks.


Stomach Cancer Patients Helped By Chemo

This article is based on a new research in which the researchers have made a new discovery where they have found that the individuals who are suffering from the stomach cancer can get a lot of benefits by having chemotherapy. In this article along with the research, we will mention a brief summary about stomach’s anatomy, understanding the cancer of the stomach, symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment, nutrition and follow up care so that our readers will have an extensive review and understanding on a lot of different topics that are mentioned above.

Stomach is a very important part of our digestive system. The stomach is a bag like structure that is connected above to the esophagus and below to the duodenum, which is the first part of the small intestine. The food moves down the esophagus and then enters the stomach with the contractions of the esophagus and then when it reaches the stomach, the food is being acted upon by the acid being produced in the stomach and is broken down into small particles so that when it passes through the rest of the gastrointestinal tract, the active ingredients can be absorbed through it very easily. The food stays for a period of about 2-3 hours in the stomach.

It is really important to understand for us as to how the cancer begins. We all know that the single living unit that our body is made up of is cell and these cells combine together to form tissue and these tissues combine together to form organs. The cells are what normally transforms and they then form a mass of tissue, which is known as tumor. The tumor can be either benign or malignant. The benign tumors are not life threatening and they are encapsulated, but on the other hand the malignant tumor is what metastasizes and thus causes lethal damage to the body and spread from one organ to another.

The process with which the malignant cancer metastasizes to other organ systems is through the lymph nodes, lymph vessels, blood vessels and direct invasions. The stomach tumor grows through the tissue and directly invades the organs such as pancreas, esophagus or the intestine. The other organs that the tumor spreads to include liver and lungs and the spread to these organs occur through the blood vessels, and the cancer cells can also spread to the entire body through the lymphatic system.

The exact reason why the stomach cancer occurs is not exactly known but there are a lot of risk factors that increases the development of this disease. The risk factors includes age and the people in which the stomach cancer occur are mostly 72 years or older. Other risk factors include sex, in which men are most likely to develop stomach cancer than women. Asians are the ones who are most commonly affected by stomach cancer. Another risk factor includes the ingestion of smoked, salted or pickled food and the people who are in a habit of eating these foods are at risk of developing the stomach cancer. H. pylori infection also increases the risk of the development of the stomach cancer, but there are very few people in whom this infection can lead to stomach cancer. People who smoke are also at increased risk of developing stomach cancer, as well as individuals who have a strong family history of stomach cancer are at high risk of developing it.

The symptoms that occur due to the development of stomach cancer include discomfort in the stomach, a feeling of being full, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, as well as weight loss. It is not necessary that any individual who is going through these symptoms is suffering from the stomach cancer, but it is not necessary that the individual who is going through these symptoms is truly suffering from stomach cancer. If any one is going through these symptoms must contact the doctor and tell the physician of when these symptoms started and a detailed history of them so that it is easier for the doctor to make a diagnosis and to order the investigations.

The investigative procedure includes the physical examination in which the doctor palpates the abdomen to detect any masses. The upper GI x-rays of the esophagus and stomach and these x-rays are taken after a barium swallow because the barium makes the abdomen illuminated and helps to see as to what are the defects that are present. Endoscopy is another investigation in which the endoscope is being passed down the esophagus and the stomach is being visualized. With the endoscopy the walls of the stomach can be seen as well as biopsy of the stomach tissue is being obtained and the tissue sample that is being taken is then seen under the microscope and hence the diagnosis of cancer is being established.

In order to plan the treatment of a patient, it is very important that the stage of the cancer is being known. In order to understand the staging of the cancer, we will explain the TNM staging of cancers. In the TNM staging, the T stands for the size of the tumor, N stands for the nodal involvement, M stands for the metastasis. When the tumor is being diagnosed through histology, the next step is staging and then the tumor is being determined of its size, nodal involvement and the level of the metastasis, which helps to determine as to the prognosis, as well as to select the treatment options that would suit the best for the patient. If there is small size of the tumor and there is no nodal involvement and the tumor has not metastasized, then the patient undergoes chemotherapy and radiation depending on the decision of the physician. If the patient has a large tumor size and there is nodal involvement but no metastasis, then the decision can be to excise the tumor in its entirety so that it does not metastasize because it is going towards the trend of enlarging and involving the nodes. On the other hand if the tumor has metastasized then more conservative approach is being considered or the removal of the organ that has the metastasis is being considered to be excised, so every situation has its own way of its management and that will all be taken by your physician specialist.

The treatment of cancer is again as described above can be either radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery depending on the situation and therefore it is very important to analyze the situation in depth by your physician. Normally under such circumstances there is a board of doctors who sit together and put down the case and determine as to what would be the best approach in managing the situation and delineate the right steps of treatment. Once the steps are being delineated, your doctor will then share their decision with you and your family and will tell you of what options that they have seen are best for you and then they throw the ball in the patient’s court so that they could decide whether they are satisfied with the approach or not.

The doctor also explains the side effects of the therapies that the patient is going to have and that side effects differ from person to person. The side effects from the radiation therapy includes loss of hair, fatigue, malaise, low blood count, erythema of the skin, dryness of the mucosal membranes, connective tissue scarring and fibrosis etc. The side effects of the chemotherapy include nausea, vomiting, hair loss and bone marrow suppression.

It is really important for the individuals who are undergoing treatment to take the proper caloric requirements because nutrition is very important to be at its best because it will give more energy and will improve the health and will aid in the speedy recovery of the individual undergoing the cancer treatment. There are patients who really don’t like to eat much because of bad taste, these individuals can arrange for foods of their choice that they like the best and can also get help from a registered dietitian to help them plan their diet so that they are taking proper diet and maintaining the proper caloric requirements that they need on a daily basis.
According to the latest research it is being found that the patients who are suffering from stomach cancer can get a lot of benefit from chemotherapy before and after the surgery. This research was conducted over a span of more than five years where the doctors gave chemotherapy before and after surgery to the patients and it was found out that the patients who received the chemotherapy before and after the surgery had a 36% survival rate as compared to the 23% who only had surgery. The chemotherapeutic regimen that is being used in the patients suffering from stomach cancer includes epirubicin, cisplatin, and fluorouracil, and there are also newer drugs that are being available and under trial so that more beneficial therapeutic regimens are available to the stomach cancer patients.
This is a very big breakthrough because this therapeutic regimen increases the rate of survival of the individuals and thus it will be helping a lot of people who are suffering from stomach cancer. There is a very stunning statistic that has also been brought into attention, which is that there will be about 22,300 new cases that will be diagnosed this year and there will be about 11,400 people who will be dying because of this disease.