Humidity And Heart Attacks

There are a lot of things going on around us and we just do not realize as to how important of the data that we miss in each moment that is passing by. There are a lot of researches that are going on and are revealing a lot of important statistics that is helping us to understand as to how are the different things that are happening, what is the relation behind it and what effects is it causing on the people. In the research that we are going to discuss in this article focuses on how the weather affects the life of the people who are living in their 70s and above. There was a recent statistic that was being focused on the understanding of how the humidity causes heart attacks in the elderly individuals and that the humidity even affected them if they were living in the areas that have a milder climates.

In this research the scientists found out that the weather conditions in which there was high level of humidity in the environment, as well as the increased temperatures can increase the risk of heart attacks in the individuals who were of or above the ages of 70s. The researchers just put together the data of people who died who were in their 70s and along the side they put together the data of the weather conditions in the different months and then saw the level of the deaths that were reported in the different months and the statistics that were available were very alarming because it showed that the months where the weather condition was worse with a lot of humidity in the environment were the ones in which that there were most deaths were reported. The statistics showed that there were about 3,126 individuals who suffered from fatal heart attacks in the year of 2001 and out of these there were about 1,953 men.

The scientists put the figures down and found that the individuals who were above the age group of about 70s were the ones who were suffering the heart attacks that was about 3½ times higher in the month of June and this was about 7 times higher in the month of December when compared to the people who were in the other age groups. The scientists put down the levels of the humidity for the different months and compared the deaths with the levels of the humidity for the different months.

By putting down this data together it was found that there was a very close relation between the weathers with high humidity and the deaths reported in elderly. It was found that the deaths in the winter month were very high than the deaths in the summer and this change in the weather was directly connected to the elderly living in their 70s and over. When they looked at the data more closely they found that as the weather was getting warmer the death rates were coming down significantly and as the temperatures started to go down, the death rates started to climb again and this just made it so clear as to the relation of the heart attacks and deaths that were related to low temperatures and the humidity.

It was also found that the weather changes that were there for a short period of time did not make much impact, but the extreme temperatures did. The study also showed that the average temperature of a day was a better indicator than the daily temperature to deduct the effects of the temperatures on the elderly individuals and to determine as to what temperatures would be high risk for them. The temperature and the weather statistics were the basic things that were put down together along with the death rates because the fluctuation in these two variables was directly related to the death of the individuals and it was found that the death rates increased as the humidity levels rose when the readings were plotted in the graph. It was also determined that the month with the most humidity was the month of December and the month that had the least humidity was the August. This study was conducted in Athens and that the levels of the humidity in different months must be different in the different regions. So it is important that when these statistics are put together in the different countries, the accurate temperature and the humidity levels must be accounted for in that region so that the most humid months can be determined and there is a warning sign could be aired out so that the elderly people can take extra preventive measures to take care of themselves.

The researchers also added that this research is preliminary but it has opened a lot of avenues for the research to be done in this area, as the death rates are going very high in the months where there is high humidity and this needs to be controlled so that we can save the elderly people from dying with heart attacks and some thing just needs to be done regarding that. The best thing that can be achieved through this is that we can aware our elders and we can provide them with an environment where they are safe and not affected by the humidity so that we know that they are safe.

To all the readers who are reading this article, I would just like to ask you to discuss this thing with your parents and elders and tell them as to what was the finding of the different researcher who spent their day and night to find as to what are the effects between the temperatures, humidity and the deaths so that the elders must know that the months where there is increased humidity that they need to take extra care of themselves. I would really appreciate if you do that. Thanks.


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