Cranberries Prevent Cavities

This research can help millions of people all around the world to prevent cavities from forming and maintaining an excellent dental health. The thing that can prevent cavities from forming is Cranberries and is actually providing multitude of benefits for teeth.

Through an already conducted research, Cranberries are known to help severe urinary tract infections, and now according to the new research prevents tooth decay and cavities.

During the winter months, Cranberries sauce is a staple that is being made with foods, especially on Thanksgiving Day. Cranberries help protecting the urinary bladder from bacterial infections and now according to this research also prevents the teeth from formation of cavities.

They prevent the building up of plaque forming on teeth from bits of food, saliva and acid that harbor bacteria that can lead to infections of gum and decaying of teeth.

The researchers are hopeful that they will find more compounds that have the protective properties like Cranberries in preventing the decay and maintaining dental health. Scientists are also suggesting that these substances can be added to toothpaste or mouthwash.

As there are benefits that we can get from Cranberries, there are also adverse effects that are there. One of the basic adverse effects according to researchers is that the food industries processing Cranberries add lots of sugar to it and that is what most people cannot take because of their diets they are maintaining to control obesity or preventing their sugars to rise as in patients with diabetes, etc. Apart from this, it also contains excess of acids in it that can ward off essential minerals in teeth and those are the things that are preventing researchers to spread the word regarding Cranberries to be used by people.

The researchers then performed a study in which they coated a synthetic substance, which was like an enamel called as hydroxypatite with cranberry juice, after that they applied the bacteria, which were streptococcus mutans, and glucan, which is a type of enzyme and they left it for about seven months till they are able to achieve the results on that, and the results showed that cranberries were about 80% effective in protecting the teeth.

There is still a lot of research that needs to be done on isolating compounds that can be really effective for people suffering from dental problems and that also involves several clinical trials before the compounds can be brought in the market for everyone to get benefit from.

Tooth decay is one of the most common conditions among Americans, second only to the common cold, according to the NIH.

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