How Reductil can help in weight loss?

There are moments in many women’s lives when they are desperate because they are a little overweight and then they try all the possible methods in order to lose one or two kilos.

Reductil is a medicine which can help weight loss. It is destined to obese people, who have medical complications because of overweight. A person can decide if he or she is obese or not, calculating his or her body mass index.

This index is over 30 in the case of an obese person. However, Reductil mustn’t be taken by:
– Those who are taking any medicine which regulates serotonin for neurotransmission
– Pregnant women
– Nursing mothers

If you want to have another baby, consult a doctor before taking Reductil.
– those who have eye problems
– those who are taking inhibitors based on monoamine
– depressed persons
– Parkinson’s affected people
– Those who had seizures
– People who take other weight loss pills
– Anorexic people
– People allergic to Reductil
– People exposed to stroke
– Those who have had a heart attack
– Those who suffer from kidney or liver diseases
– People affected by different heart diseases or arrhythmias

The role of this medication is to make you lose your appetite.

Reductil must be taken up to six months for those who weigh 31 – 141 lbs, as you can’t lose weight immediately.

You should change your diet before taking Reductil.

Reductil is dosed in 10 mg and 15 mg pills. You must take one tablet every morning, with food or without food.

You should begin with the lower dosage and if you don’t get to the results expected, you can take the upper dosage. Of course, firstly you must talk to the doctor, who will offer you guidance.

If you forget to take a pill, don’t interrupt the treatment, neither double your dosage.

Children mustn’t take it.

If you interrupt your treatment with Reductil, your appetite may increase, but in rare situations. If you want more information about Reductil, you can read a comprehensive review of this medication.

You may find Reductil in pharmacies and you can as well order it online, but you can be well informed about it before making an order.


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