Signs Of Early Dementia

Our body is a major indicator if any of the problems are arising in our body and the major indicator for the neurological disease are exhibited with problems of walking, balance and coordination, which can signal an early sign of dementia, as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

The findings that were shown were present in about 2000 people which included the ages of 65 and older and these individuals had been followed for about 6 years and before that time none of them had shown any sign of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

There was a link that was found between the mind and body of the patients who were aging and there was also a link that was established between the walking and the later problems with dementia.

The link mentions that as an individual gets aged, their walking slows down and as the walking slows down the odds increase that their mind processing is also getting slow, which often leads to Alzheimer’s disease and that is something that can be found with the change in gait and the mind processing, which act as an indicator.

The researcher said that earlier there was a concept that the earliest changes that occur are presented first in the form of cognitive changes or the problems with the mental processing. It was also said that the physical problems appear earlier than the disease itself. He said that the individuals who were having a lot of difficulty in terms of walking were the ones who were to have a higher rate of developing Alzheimer’s disease in the next six years.

These people who were being tested throughout the duration of observation were put through different tests such as walking, balancing, cognitive skills etc. were found to be the ones who were at less risk than the ones who were showing problems with walking, thinking and balancing. These individuals were retested after every 2 years.

They also mentioned that the things are all linked and if one thing goes wrong, the other things starts to go wrong along with it. The researcher also mentioned that one does not want the people to read that if they are having difficulty with walking means that they will have problems with their mind and they will go onto develop dementia or Alzheimer’s because it does not happen like that all the time, the physical signs may be an indicator but not for sure.


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