Improve Your Lung Function With Vitamin D

A recent study suggests that people who have higher vitamin D levels in their blood can breathe a bit easier than others.

The researchers gathered the data from the health surveys and they found that adults with the highest vitamin D levels generally had better lung function than those with the lowest blood levels of the vitamin D. It also showed to enhance the lung capacity former smokers with the high level of this vitamin in their blood.

The difference may not be significant in people who are healthy, but it is quite significant in people who are suffering from serious respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The main function of vitamin D that is known is that it works in conjunction with calcium to make the bones strong and it also supports a healthy immune system and promotes normal cell growth and maturation throughout the body.

When the vitamin D concentrations are low in blood, then this links to elevated risk of diseases, which are high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers, but the link that it causes the said problems is not yet fully established.

The findings are just on the basis of information collected through the data, thus it cannot be said for sure that vitamin D clearly improves the respiratory health.

But because of the fact that the study accounted for other factors in lung function such as age, exercise habits and blood levels of certain other nutrients, it seems probable that vitamin D has some direct benefit.

The researchers added that the only way of knowing that for sure is to conduct a clinical trial in which people are randomly assigned to take either vitamin D or a placebo and then conducting lung function studies over time.

The findings that the researchers collected from a country wide study in America on 14,901 individuals with an age range of 20 or older, were about diet and lifestyle habits, and then the participants underwent lung function tests and had their blood levels of vitamin D and other nutrients measured.

After dividing the men and women into five groups based on their vitamin D levels, the researchers found that those with the highest levels scored significantly better on lung function tests than those with the lowest concentrations of the vitamin.

It was suggested that since vitamin D influences the growth of a variety of cell types, it may play a role in this lung repair process and this might be the reason that it brings positive outcome in the lung functions.

The sources of vitamin D are as follows: Sun exposure, as sunlight triggers the synthesis of the vitamin in the skin, multivitamins, foods such as fortified milk and cereals etc.

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