Organ Donations

There are a lot of people who have been dying throughout the world because of the lack of organ donation. There are a lot of people who ask questions as to what are the different organs that can be donated and today our article is based solely on the different questions that the people have regarding the organ donation so that there could be a word of awareness that can be spread through this article. I also would like to state that there are about 74 people who receive organ transplants in US every single day. On the other hand the number of people who die waiting for the organ transplantation counts to about 18.

The basic problems that is being confronted with these days is that the people who want to donate the organs are not being informed properly as to how the organ donation process goes and it is due to this lack of information, a lot of people just are unable to make their minds up to go for the organ donation.

A question that a lot of people have in mind is that whether they are too young or too old to make organ donation. According to the donors organizations, there are no age limitations regarding organ donation. Organ donation can be done right from the newborn to the people who are in their old age. For example, there are organ donors in United States who have donated the organs at the age of 90. There is a proper screening process that goes before the donors are being okayed for the organ donation and are being registered as a donor. Therefore you must know that if you want to donate an organ, you can do that and for that you should contact the organ donation agencies so that you can enroll yourself in that.

Another thing that the people want to know about is whether what are the different organs that they can donate. The answer to this is that the organs that can be donated are heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, small intestine, corneas, bone marrow, ligaments, tendons, heart valves, skin, vessels etc. If you are interested in organ donation, you can contact an organ donation agency so that they can give you a complete list of the different organs that can be donated.

There are a lot of different factors on which the donation of the different organs depend. If the individual who is on the organ donation list dies because of the severe head trauma or stroke or tumor, there is a good chance that the organs and tissues may be donated, but if the death occurs due to cardiac arrest then the donation will only be limited to the tissues and eyes.

A lot of the people who are donating the organs ask as to how it would be possible that their organ can be transplanted without any complication, the answer to this is that every organ has its specific tissue type and the transplantation is being done only if the tissue type matches to the individual who is getting that organ. The donor who is going to donate all of their organs can save the life of about 50 or more people who need the organs to save their lives.

The organ donation takes place when the individual is being pronounced as legally dead and then the organ procurement organization of the region is responsible for the cost that is related to the donation process.

Just remember that the organ that you are going to donate will be saving the lives of people who are desperately waiting for an organ in long waiting lists and your organ donation can help them move up and receive the organ to save their lives and give them a new hope of life. You can feel their need for the organ by being in their shoes. You organ donation can give a new life to these people.


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