Better Circulation Through Olive Oil

According to a new research, Olive Oil serves to maintain a healthy circulation. This research reveals the fact that there are certain nutrients present in this oil that have very healthy effects on circulation.

These nutrients that work on keeping the circulation healthy are known as phenols. Their major functions through which they keep the circulation healthy are anti-oxidative, antiinflammatory and anti-platelet effects and hence the foods containing phenols prove to have positive effects on the blood vessels.

This research is a big breakthrough in preventing a huge number of people dying from the vascular diseases of heart in North America. This study can not only help the people suffering from the vascular diseases of heart, but can also prevent this from being developed in a large number of people.

This study also suggests that intake of foods, which have high content of phenols in them can greatly improve the health of vessels of heart, which in turn can help and protect heart from the horrendous effects of blocked vessels.

There was a study conducted to prove the research on a total of 21 volunteers. The researchers’ basic approach was to see how the blood vessels would react with the oil, which is rich in phenols and an oil that doesn’t have phenol in it.

The participants who were given the oil rich in phenols were seen to have blood vessels that were responding pretty well after a high fat meal diet and the participants who were given the oil with no phenols had no difference in function of blood vessels and the blood vessels functioned poorly.
There was also a mention of the fact that nitric oxide that dilates the vessels had reduced levels after the use of a meal high in phenol.

Based on the above facts, people when buying olive oils should go for the labels saying “virgin” or “extra virgin,” which has the highest phenol content.

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ASTHMA ATTACK – Five ways to control it

Asthma can slip out of control from time to time. Asthma attacks are not always severe and life threatening, but you should always act quickly when your asthma symptoms get worse. If you are getting a bad attack of asthma, take the following five steps:

  • Take up to five puffs of your reliever inhaler straight away. If you use a spacer device, it will make it easier to take your medication.
  • Keep calm and try to relax as much as your breathing will let you. Sit down, don’t lie down. Rest your hands on your knees to help support yourself. Try in slow your breathing, as this will make you less exhausted and then wait for 5-10 minutes.
  • If the symptoms disappear, you will be able to go back to what you were doing.
  • If the inhaler has no effect, take another couple of puffs and contact your local doctor or call an ambulance.
  • Keep using your inhaler every few minutes until the doctor arrives and see your doctor after the episode is over to review your asthma management to prevent further attacks.

Hope these tips are helpful in controlling your asthma attacks. Remember to take proper measures to reduce the asthma attacks.

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The Y Chromosome and Blood Pressure

The many differences between men and women depend on the most fundamental distinction of all: Only males have Y choromosomes.

The Y chromosome is good for many things, but it may not be so good for blood pressure. European researchers have identified a genetic defect on the Y that is linked to elevated blood pressure readings.

The genetics of hypertension are complex. Many genes are involved, but at least one is unique to men. It doesn’t mean that hypertension is a man’s disease, but it does mean that some men may have to work harder to keep their pressure down. A healthful lifestyle is the place to start; it may not be macho, but it’s the manly thing to do.

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