Iron In Low-Dose Best For Older Patients With Anemia

Iron therapy is used in elderly patients to treat anemia, and the research says that low doses of iron therapy can improve the hemoglobin levels just as well as the higher doses can, and the best part of this research is that there are less side effects from the iron in lower doses, which can greatly prevent the patients from going through those effects.

Hemoglobin is a protein in the red cells that carry the oxygen to all the organs of the body, but when the hemoglobin level is impaired, then the capacity of the blood cells to transport oxygen to different cells of the body is affected. This low level of oxygen in blood causes anemia to develop. Formation of hemoglobin requires adequate amounts of iron levels.

The researchers then conducted a study in which they selected about 90 hospitalized patients over 80 years of age and they were randomly selected and were put on different medication regimen of iron, which was 15 milligrams, 50 milligrams of a liquid iron compound and 150 milligrams of iron tablets as a treatment for iron-deficiency anemia. As a comparison group, 30 patients without anemia received 15 mg of iron for 60 days.

The levels of the hemoglobin were assessed on the day the therapy was initiated and after every 30 and 60 days of treatment.

It was just after 15 minutes of the first dose that was given that a rise in blood iron levels were noted in the anemic patients, but not in the group who were non-anemic.
In the three groups of elderly who were given different dose regimens of iron, their levels of iron were the same after 60 days of treatment.

Just to mention a few of the side effects of iron that the individuals taking iron are abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, change in bowel habits and black stools.

So the study suggests that even if iron is given in small doses up to one tenth of the recommended dose efficiently raises the hemoglobin levels and iron stores without giving substantial side effects.

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Diabetic Foot Ulcers Are Healed With Vitamins

A compound from vitamin A, which is used to treat acne is now being used to treat diabetic foot ulcers, which heals the ulcers, according to a recent research.

There have been studies that were conducted previously that suggested low incidence of topical Retin-A helping in wound healing in patients with diabetes.

There was a clinical trial that was conducted by researchers on about 24 volunteers who had diabetic foot ulcers with no evidence of infection, circulatory or neurological issues in the lower extremities. After that the patients were given treatment for four weeks with daily topical application of 0.05 percent tretinoin solution and the wound size was assessed every two weeks.

The patients then completed the study, and out of a total of about 24 ulcers, 10 ulcers got completely healed at the end of the therapy. To the researchers surprise there was essentially no side effects from the therapy, although some of the patients had mild discomfort at the site of the ulcer.

The researchers said that to their surprise the results were quite amazing because tretinoin is an irritating compound and they were not thinking that the patients would have been able to bear its effects, but to their surprise the patients tolerated it quite well and also had pretty good results from this intervention.

So the researchers are thinking that when other forms of therapies are not working for diabetic foot ulcers, they can use this approach to help heal the diabetic foot ulcers.

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Don’t Spank Your Children

On the basis of data collected from the entire world, children are being spanked when they misbehave in order to teach them manners, but according to the research these kids are the ones who are more likely to be more anxious and aggressive than the children who are disciplined in nonphysical ways. We have to keep in mind that spanking is a norm in our cultures, throughout the world.

There are many theories that are being put as to whether the parents should use physical means to discipline their children or not is a lot controversial. Some say that children should not be spanked and there must be other ways that need to be explored according to the children’s psychology, which can help them grow in a more positive manner.

The other school of thought says that spanking and physical discipline depend on the traits of the child and the family and the circumstances in which it is used.
The researchers then collected the data through questionnaires from throughout the world including different countries and they found out that physical discipline was something that was used to discipline the children.

It was again brought up that the children who are being spanked are prone to be more anxious and aggressive than the children who are being managed other way around.
In Asia, people who are the followers of Buddhist teachings are less likely to spank their children or other forms of physical discipline. In Kenya where physical discipline is considered as norm and the kids there are reported to as pretty aggressive.

So the extract that comes out from this research is that we should learn ways where we do not use physical means to control children cause that leads to a lot many negative effects in their lives and damages the personality and causes them to go through a lot of deterioration that might take years to heal or might not heal at all.


Millions Of Cancer Deaths Avoidable

More than a third of 7 million annual deaths each year can be prevented only if people prevented the major risk factors for cancer.

The major contributing factors to most of the cancers are as follows: Alcohol, obesity, poor diet, unsafe sex, and lack of exercise, which cause approximately 2.5 million deaths throughout the world in the year 2001.

All these deaths could have been avoided either the risks would have either be reduced or eliminated from the lives of those people.

Researchers say that the best game plan is to prevent the risk factors in order to reduce the high death rates that happen every year and this can be achieved solely by prevention.

Smoking is linked to multiple cancers, which include lung, mouth, stomach, bladder and pancreatic cancers and that can be avoided by quitting smoking and adopting healthy habits.

The total lung cancer deaths account to about 1.25 million, which is a pretty huge figure.

Obesity contributes to colorectal and breast cancer in countries with high-income.

Human papilloma virus (HPV) through unsafe sex causes cervical cancer in women, and this occurs mostly due to the lack of screening and clinical services.

Air pollution is a big threat and risk factor to cause cancer, especially in developing countries where they burn coal as a fuel.

Liver cancer is linked to hepatitis infection, which is caused by contaminated syringes in poor countries as well.

So from the above data we can clearly understand that there are a whole lot of causes that can be prevented from occurring and this mostly depends on the level of awareness that is being brought about in the communities where people know as to what are the factors that are causing them and how they can save themselves from having these catastrophic illnesses.

Here are a few types of cancers explained: Bladder Cancer, Brain Tumors, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, Lung Cancer, Leukemia, Laryngeal Tumor, Lymphomas and Hodgkin’s Disease, Head and Neck Cancer, Colon and Rectal Cancer, Cervical and Uterine Cancer.


Eat Intuitively

At this day and age there are many diseases that are solely related to the way we eat. Many people go through dieting and eat less, some become very very selective in eating and they start eating less healthy foods in order to avoid a gain in weight. This new research tells us that we should eat intuitively, which would allow us to have a better way to maintain our weight and reduce the risk of heart and other diseases.

People who follow their intuition do not diet, they have learned to respond to the responses of their body such as eating when feeling hungry and taking the hands off of food when they feel that their desire to eat is fulfilled. This in turn helps them to respond to their body’s natural responses and staying healthy.

A doctor who was the part of the team conducting the research adopted intuitive eating and lost about 50 pounds in the process thus proving his stance on the research.

The basic theme of eating intuitively is that we know the demands of our body rather than we go for the number of calories that we need to eat, the kinds of food, counting carbs, proteins or fats etc. What we need to do is to understand our bodily requirements and eat according to it based on the level of hunger and satiety.

To support their research, the scientists called for volunteers who were intuitive eaters and who were not, and then performed several tests on them to identify who were healthier than the other group. The women who were eating intuitively scored higher and were healthier than the women who were not intuitive eaters and scored low, with the major difference standing out as the low levels of triglycerides in their body, as well as high HDL levels than the women who were not eating intuitively.

So it proved that the women who were eating intuitively had a good blood workup and better cardiovascular risk profile, hence proving their study.

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Cranberries Prevent Cavities

This research can help millions of people all around the world to prevent cavities from forming and maintaining an excellent dental health. The thing that can prevent cavities from forming is Cranberries and is actually providing multitude of benefits for teeth.

Through an already conducted research, Cranberries are known to help severe urinary tract infections, and now according to the new research prevents tooth decay and cavities.

During the winter months, Cranberries sauce is a staple that is being made with foods, especially on Thanksgiving Day. Cranberries help protecting the urinary bladder from bacterial infections and now according to this research also prevents the teeth from formation of cavities.

They prevent the building up of plaque forming on teeth from bits of food, saliva and acid that harbor bacteria that can lead to infections of gum and decaying of teeth.

The researchers are hopeful that they will find more compounds that have the protective properties like Cranberries in preventing the decay and maintaining dental health. Scientists are also suggesting that these substances can be added to toothpaste or mouthwash.

As there are benefits that we can get from Cranberries, there are also adverse effects that are there. One of the basic adverse effects according to researchers is that the food industries processing Cranberries add lots of sugar to it and that is what most people cannot take because of their diets they are maintaining to control obesity or preventing their sugars to rise as in patients with diabetes, etc. Apart from this, it also contains excess of acids in it that can ward off essential minerals in teeth and those are the things that are preventing researchers to spread the word regarding Cranberries to be used by people.

The researchers then performed a study in which they coated a synthetic substance, which was like an enamel called as hydroxypatite with cranberry juice, after that they applied the bacteria, which were streptococcus mutans, and glucan, which is a type of enzyme and they left it for about seven months till they are able to achieve the results on that, and the results showed that cranberries were about 80% effective in protecting the teeth.

There is still a lot of research that needs to be done on isolating compounds that can be really effective for people suffering from dental problems and that also involves several clinical trials before the compounds can be brought in the market for everyone to get benefit from.

Tooth decay is one of the most common conditions among Americans, second only to the common cold, according to the NIH.

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Enhance Your Memory

At this day and age the most common thing that we encounter among people is their lack of remembering things and forgetting of what they were going to do next, which leads them to make them think as to whether they are going through some organic mental illness or disease.

On the basis of this a research was conducted so as to determine why there are memory problems at such a large-scale encompassing the entire globe. The main essence of their research revealed that we should filter out useless information, which we hold onto in our minds, which can increase our capacity to remember things that are of real importance to us and not hold onto things that can be managed other way around.

For example, if we have user name and passwords for e-mail accounts, bank accounts, login information of different sites etc. we can just write it down and save it in a secured folder so that we don’t have to remember it and can access it whenever we want to, thus not loading our minds with excess information, but only with the ones that we need to run our activities of daily living very smoothly.

Scientists say that our visual working memory does not depend on extra storage space in the brain, but depends on the ability to ignore the irrelevant information.

It was believed till now that people who have high visual working memory had greater storage, but again if we start keeping irrelevant information in our brain, then the information will start bouncing off of our mind, and we would not be able to recall the things that we need to, but our minds would start wandering into different chunks of information but not the ones that we need, which leads into heightened frustration at that point in time.

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Heart Patients – Beware Of Thrilling Rides

There are many risk factors that are laid out for people who are suffering from heart diseases such as diet high in cholesterol, high blood pressure, lack of exercise etc., but there is also a pretty important factor that is being researched regarding patients suffering from heart diseases, which is that they should not go through any thrill rides such as roller coasters or fun rides, which are high speed.

The basic way with which these rides effect the human body is increased heart rate and thus this can result in heart attacks and irregular heart rhythms and can ultimately lead to sudden cardiac death.

In order to back their research, the team of scientists asked for volunteers who were made to go through a roller coaster ride and among those volunteers were men and women. During the roller coaster rides, the volunteers showed to have a tremendously increased heart rate and in about 44% of the volunteers it increased to an extent where it caused irregular heartbeats.

The researchers said that about 44% of the volunteers who had irregular heart rhythms had been in that state for about five minutes after the ride.

The researchers also asked the operators of the roller coaster to keep a defibrillator on hand just in case if any of the people having a joyride might develop into a sudden cardiac arrest.

The researchers also added that there are a whole lot of people who have cardiac problems, which are not yet diagnosed as of yet and they are the ones at the highest risk of developing severe irregular beats or either going into a cardiac arrest, and people who feel that they cannot go through such rides, MUST not take them, as this could be pretty disastrous for them.

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Better Circulation Through Olive Oil

According to a new research, Olive Oil serves to maintain a healthy circulation. This research reveals the fact that there are certain nutrients present in this oil that have very healthy effects on circulation.

These nutrients that work on keeping the circulation healthy are known as phenols. Their major functions through which they keep the circulation healthy are anti-oxidative, antiinflammatory and anti-platelet effects and hence the foods containing phenols prove to have positive effects on the blood vessels.

This research is a big breakthrough in preventing a huge number of people dying from the vascular diseases of heart in North America. This study can not only help the people suffering from the vascular diseases of heart, but can also prevent this from being developed in a large number of people.

This study also suggests that intake of foods, which have high content of phenols in them can greatly improve the health of vessels of heart, which in turn can help and protect heart from the horrendous effects of blocked vessels.

There was a study conducted to prove the research on a total of 21 volunteers. The researchers’ basic approach was to see how the blood vessels would react with the oil, which is rich in phenols and an oil that doesn’t have phenol in it.

The participants who were given the oil rich in phenols were seen to have blood vessels that were responding pretty well after a high fat meal diet and the participants who were given the oil with no phenols had no difference in function of blood vessels and the blood vessels functioned poorly.
There was also a mention of the fact that nitric oxide that dilates the vessels had reduced levels after the use of a meal high in phenol.

Based on the above facts, people when buying olive oils should go for the labels saying “virgin” or “extra virgin,” which has the highest phenol content.

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ASTHMA ATTACK – Five ways to control it

Asthma can slip out of control from time to time. Asthma attacks are not always severe and life threatening, but you should always act quickly when your asthma symptoms get worse. If you are getting a bad attack of asthma, take the following five steps:

  • Take up to five puffs of your reliever inhaler straight away. If you use a spacer device, it will make it easier to take your medication.
  • Keep calm and try to relax as much as your breathing will let you. Sit down, don’t lie down. Rest your hands on your knees to help support yourself. Try in slow your breathing, as this will make you less exhausted and then wait for 5-10 minutes.
  • If the symptoms disappear, you will be able to go back to what you were doing.
  • If the inhaler has no effect, take another couple of puffs and contact your local doctor or call an ambulance.
  • Keep using your inhaler every few minutes until the doctor arrives and see your doctor after the episode is over to review your asthma management to prevent further attacks.

Hope these tips are helpful in controlling your asthma attacks. Remember to take proper measures to reduce the asthma attacks.

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