Sick Spouse Puts You At Risk

A recent study suggested that illness of husband or wife can hasten the death of the other.

The reason for hastening the death includes stress, loss of companionship, practical help, income, and losing a part of oneself are what that strikes the mind when a spouse gets sick.

The researchers say that it is not necessary that it is not necessary that you can die because of your partners death, but you can also die of their severe illness.

In the past, the researches have shown that the spouses of the sick people are at much higher risks of illnesses and death and this data showed that there were a wide range of illnesses.

They found that the men were at much considerable risk of dying than women because according to the statistics, men were most likely to die after their wives were hospitalized.

The data also showed that if the spouse dies, the risk of death of the partner increases up to five folds, which rises by 21 percent among men and 17 percent among women. The data also shed light that the risk of death was pretty high in the first six months after the spouse was hospitalized.

There were increased rates of hospitalization with dementia and psychiatric problems raising the death risk to about 52.5 percent in men and about 57.5 percent in women. The older partners were the ones who were making big numbers in those percentages.

It is suggested that the spouses are connected and therefore their health is connected as well and this affects either one of them if any of them get sick.

It was also found that the most types of cancer except the ones with a more poor prognosis, the cancer did little or nothing to increase the risk of death of a companion because a lot of people are able to live a better and healthier life after treatments.

The researchers added that the numbers of the sexes who were dying from the severe illness of their spouses were not comparable, but men tend to die sooner.

The researchers also found that the risk was also at a larger level to not only the spouse but also involving the children and close friends.


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