Bird Flu Vaccine Extracted From Christmas Tree

According to the latest news report, a pharmaceutical company named, Biolyse Pharma Crop is planning to extract bird flu vaccine from Christmas trees. This company extracts chemicals from plants to develop medicines. They have a plan to extract the chemicals needed to develop the bird flu vaccine from over half a million Christmas trees that will be discarded in Ontario.

The Christmas trees contain an acid in their pine, which is known as shikimic acid, spruce and fir needles. The same acid, which is shikimic acid, is used in Tamiflu, which is being developed by Roche Holding.

It is also being said by the researchers that the demand for drugs such as Tamiflu has risen in the past three months due to the steep rise of patients having bird flu in several of the countries in Asia, which has killed about 71 people since 2003. According to the history, the Spanish flu had swallowed about 50 million people in 1918 and 1919.

The Biolyse Company has also informed that the price of the acid has risen to about $600 per kilogram in a year.

The demand for the shikimic acid has risen very sharply over the past few months since there has been reported cases of bird flu and it has become very pressing to meet the demands that are rising way high to meet the demands of the continents, as there is a fear that the bird flu can be a pandemic and would be a real disaster as we have seen that in the case of the Spanish flu that swallowed up millions of people.

We need to combat against the disaster before it becomes a pandemic.

The Biolyse company’s correspondent said that they are going to get the trees from the company, which recycles the forest products. The Biolyse correspondent says that the needles of the Christmas tree has a fairly high concentration of the shikimic acid in it. They also say that it is a difficult process of finding a simple way to extract the acid.

The production of shikimic acid is limited from the star nise tree that takes about eight years to reach the maturity level.

The high rise of bird flu has caused the researchers to extract large quantities of shikimic acid to meet the demands of the world to fight against the pandemic that can be there cause there is a news alert that it is spreading widely due to the migrating birds and the whole world is looking forward to find the way to combat this disease.

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  1. Richard Jackson January 24, 2006 at 3:39 pm

    My wife and I have approximately 2500 Scotch Pine Christmas tree. How would we get in touch with someone who would be interested in them for shikimic acid?

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