Choice Of Food Can Do Miracles For You

How many of you have ever realized of what you are eating now? Have you looked at the constituents that your food has, like how much protein, how much carbs, how much fats, minerals etc. I think a lot of people are getting tuned to understand that how important it is that they look at the ingredients of the food that they are buying for themselves, but on the other hand due to the high rates and ratios of people getting obese and especially the kids it makes me think otherwise. The trends change with time and understanding of different things just turns into real time realizations when we are suffering from different health related issues. There are a lot of people who just do not care as to what they are eating unless they are hit by some gruesome illness.

Like for example, my uncle used to ate a lot of fried fatty foods and he was being told a lot of times as to curtail such kinds of foods but he never listened to anyone. He always said that nothing is going to happen to him and he is going to live long enough even if he eats such kinds of food. Well that just showed his ignorance and the way he was not caring for the things that were so much important for his health. He in his late 40s suffered serious cardiac related issues and then he had to eat all the fat foods because if he continued to eat that stuff then he was to lose his life. He had severe blocked coronary arteries and that just led him to a very critical situation in his life. He learned it the hard way.

I just always try to follow the right foods for me and my family because I am very cautious as to what I am eating and I just do not want to take any health risk for me or my family. It is very important for me to know as to what effects of the foods are going to be on me in different situations. There is a new world that we all need to explore and is something that is going to be the future of how we eat and what we eat. Have you ever realized that if you take too much of the carbs in the morning that you feel sleepy? If you have not taken this into account I would say that you just think about it because this is a fact. These things are into research as well that the people who are taking lots of carbs are the ones who are prone to have slowness of their thought processes and this in turn will result in impaired functioning.

For example, there are two guys who are sitting at the lunch table and one of them eats a salad that is mixed with high levels of sugar and creams and on the other hand the guy in front of him is eating thin slices of meat with plain vegetables. When both of them have their meals, they are asked to sit on the table of chess to see as to how they are able to think the different moves, it was found out that the guy who had lots of carbs in his meals was the one who was taking time to make decisions and had to kick himself to think on the different moves of chess that he had to make. On the other hand the guy who had meat and plain vegetables was the one who was thinking very quick and was more confident in his moves.

Have you ever seen that closely as to how your food affects your life in so many different ways and they not only affect your brain function they also have an effect your moods as well, positively and negatively both. There is this discussion going on these days where people are saying that there are specific meals for specific times, which when elaborated means that there are foods that one should eat when they are going to play a game such as basketball, baseball etc. so that they are going to energize them throughout the process. On the other hand there are specific foods that one must eat when they are dating as well. It is also being said that if you are going to eat foods that are high in carbohydrates during your date as well as high levels of alcohol then you might end up sleeping, which would be result of your choices that you select for yourself. You can select the foods that are according to the situations and will help you make the best out of your time. It is that slowly people are realizing the fact as to what are the things that they need to do in terms of selecting from the different food choices and what are the things that one should list down to buy when they are at the grocery store.

There was woman who was suffering from depression for a very long time and she thought that she should make different choices in her foods that she is eating and to her surprise she saw that there was a whole big change in her life that she saw after changing her diet in just two weeks’ time. This is something that really is amazing to hear that a person who is suffering from something for so long just finds a cure by changing her diet by making the right choices for herself. I think that we all can live a very healthy life just by making the right choices as to what we eat. Those of us who are taking this thing very seriously can truly say that these things really matter and they do make a difference in our life. I hope that all the people out there who were not yet careful with their food choices are now starting to think about it very seriously because I really care for you and I want you to be healthy and live a stronger and a happier life. God Bless You.


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