Cosmetic Procedures

There are a lot of procedures that are being introduced for rejuvenation. It is the dream of every person to look younger and to continue to maintain their youth throughout their life. It is also true that a lot of people look for procedures where they are able to get the modifications or changes in their appearance the way they want to. For example there are individuals who want to have a different appearance of their nose so that they would look more beautiful, women want to have more fuller lips, some prefer to have their breasts enlarged and wrinkles is a very common cosmetic problem that appear along with age that men and women both want to get rid of. When an individual desires to go through a cosmetic procedure, the first thing that they look for is to what procedure is present to correct the situation that they are in. The next thing that comes across is the cost of the procedure. Therefore it is really important to sort out a lot of things that needs to be done before one gets on having the procedure done.

Another very important aspect that the individuals must know before they would proceed with the cosmetic procedure is that they must know about the physician or the cosmetologist who is going to do that procedure on them because this needs to be looked out with great care. The first and the foremost thing that needs to be checked is the amount of time that that individual has been performing the procedure and what are the results that he or she has found in the different individuals who have opted for those procedures or are there other better options for them that they can opt. In this article we are going to see as to what are the different procedures that are there in the market and their pros and cons.

Wrinkles are the most common cosmetic problems that the individuals go through and the wrinkles appear most commonly is the nasolabial fold that extends from the side of the nose to the angle of the mouth. This fold was treated earlier with a collagen, this collagen was derived from the animal fat. Using the collagen was of risk and could cause the allergic reaction in an individual. Therefore the individuals who opted for this were required to go through the allergic tests and after that they had to wait for approximately a month. Those of you who are thinking of getting collagen being injected must know that this is an outdated process and the new process that is being currently used in the market to remove the nasolabial fold is the hyaluronic acid in which there is not testing required and is very popular.

There are three agents that are used to treat the nasolabial fold and these are Restvlane, Radiesse, and Captique. The pain and swelling with Restvlane gives the minimal pain and the bruising is less than a day, the effect of it lasts for about six months and the cost of one injection is about $600. The next agent is Captique, which causes very little pain and causes the least amount of bruising, the effect of it lasts for about four months and the cost of one injection is about $450. The other agent is Radiesse, which is a bit more painful that both these agents, it has a little more bruising effect than both the agents and its effect lasts for about nine months to a year and it costs about $1,200.
The different physicians say different things, they mostly say that they explain the different agents to the individuals and as they prefer.

There were also collagen injections that were given to the women to give their lips a plumping look, but now the trends have changed and the women are now getting Restylane in most of the cases. The doctors advise not to take Radiesse as a filler because it only causes the lumps and bumps to appear on the lips. Another thing that is being used to make the lips look fuller is hyaluronic acid.
There are areas of the face such as the areas around the cheeks, around the chin, as well as the jaw line, which are the larger areas and these need large amount of fillers to fill them up. The most commonly used injectible is Sculptra, which is a newly used filler, as well as the fat grafting. In the process of fat grafting, the body’s own fat cells are being harvested from the donor sites and in this there is a small amount of local anesthesia that is being given on the desired areas of the faces. The harvesting of the fat cells can be responsible for developing for the living cells and can result in the long term and permanent results. The experts say that the results from the Sculptra are not immediate and it takes about a month till these effects can be noticed.

In the brows, crow’s feet, as well as the upper face where the Botox injection is usually injected. The Botox is different in its mechanism with which it works because it causes the paralysis of the muscles and causes the lines and wrinkles to disappear. The Botox can be very helpful in minimizing the lines on the forehead and also the crow’s feet around the eyes. It can also cause the neck cords to disappear. The cost for one injection of the Botox injection costs about $400.

It is really important for the people who are willing to have the different cosmetic treatments that they must consult it with their doctors and that they should realize that their decision is really important in deciding what treatment they want for themselves. So it is best to find the right person to do that as the results depend a lot on that. I wish you best of luck and hope that you get the right results that you are looking for.


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