New Treatment For Chronic Pain

There are millions of people throughout the world who have been suffering from chronic pain due to a lot of reasons. A lot of people are just suffering from the pain every single day and they are not finding any relief from the pain that they are going through. Pain is a very big factor in their life due to which they are unable to have a quality of life. These people take a lot of narcotic drugs to relieve their pain and even get injections into their joints but they are unable to manage the pain even after taking so many medications. There are a lot of people who are just so afraid of developing addiction of these narcotic drugs. When it is being asked from the people as to how often they suffer from pain, they just say that they have been suffering through it most of their lives and it has just been like that for them for a very long time and that they just do not know as to what they are going to do in their life.

One of the individual who was going through pain said that his life has just been a living hell and that he can do anything if he is free from pain because he just wanted to get rid of it no matter what. It is like him that a lot of people are suffering from pain and that they just get injections and pills for that but it just does not seem to go away. Since people do not get any benefit from the different therapies that are offered by medicines, they just divert on to the other treatments offered by the different alternative therapies. Lot of people just want to try the herbal remedies so that they are able to find a way out of their misery. There is a new research that is being conducted in which it has shown that there is a new cooling off treatment that can give relief to the millions of people throughout the world that are suffering from arthritis or pain due to nerve damage.

There were recent studies conducted in which the researchers tried to help the pain by cooling off the skin, these individuals were having sprains, joint pains and inflammation and they found that the individuals who were suffering from pain found a pretty good relief with that therapy. It is also interesting to note that the Chinese use the same remedy but in a different way, they use the mint oil that works the same way as cooling off of the skin in the modern way. It has been found that the chemicals that are being used to treat the pain are almost the same kind of chemicals that are present in the mint oil. The active ingredients in the mint oil can kill the pain just as the cooling effect of the skin is going to do with the different chemicals that are being found in the research.

It has been found that the active ingredients that are being used to produce the cooling effect on the skin possess minimal side effects but they are proven to relieve the pain of the sufferers who had been suffering from the pain for long and these individuals were the one who found no pain relief with the pain medications. In the recent studies, the researchers have found the active ingredients in the mint oil, as well as the chemicals used for the cooling off process act on a receptor that has been newly found and that these chemicals bind with this receptor and exert their effects.

The mechanism with which the things work with these cooling off chemicals is that there is a known receptor known as TRPM8, which is activated by these chemicals and with the cooling off effect, which is caused by the lowering down of the temperatures, there is inhibition of the pain messages from the place of the pain to the brain and thus this inhibition of the signals causes the individual to not feel pain at all. The researchers believe that the medicine that they will be working on will be just applied to the skin in very small doses and then this will take away the pain from which the individual is suffering. This is going to be wonderful if the people are going to find the relief of pain by just applying the cooling off chemical to the skin and are able to relieve their pain. This way there would be a lot of people who would not have to rely on the pain medications that they had been taking for so long and they would be able to prevent themselves from the dependent effect of these medications.

It is important to note here that the conventional strong medications such as morphine are the effective medications to relieve the chronic pain but when they are taken for long periods of time they just turn out to be ineffective and thus they are just unable to control the pain. The researchers believe and hope that this new therapy to relieve pain is going to be the mainstay of the new frontier to control pain.


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