Do Not Opt For Elective Removal Of Ovaries

According to the latest research, if the women go for elective removal of ovary, then this can cause a change in the production of the estrogen production, which puts them at risk of developing dementia in the later life.

This risk increases many folds if the woman opts for the removal of the ovaries at a pretty early age. They say that removal of the ovaries before the age of 38 can increase the risk three times of developing dementia than the woman who does not go through ovarian surgery.

The researchers also found that the women belonging to the two groups who had hysterectomy and who did not, did not show the signs of the dementia before the age of 80 years, but the group that had the ovaries removed were the ones who went through a steep decline in the mental status than the women who did not have their ovaries removed.

It was also found that there were some women who did not show any signs of cognitive impairment when they were in their later years and had the ovaries removed at an early age. This led the researchers to think that there is a big role of the genetics that is playing its part in this process as well.

There was a suggestion by the researchers to the women who have a family history of ovarian cancer that they must discuss with their doctors before they make a decision of going through the procedure of removing their ovaries.

There have been some laboratory studies that were conducted, which showed that with the decreased levels of estrogen leads to decreased protection of the brain from cognition decline and decrease the level of protection of the brain from aging.

So whenever you think of getting your ovaries removed, you must consult your doctor first and make a wise decision in the light of the above research so that you are able to prevent the risk of going through dementia at the later years of life.

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