Radiology Departments, Not The Safest Place

The researchers said that the most dangerous time in the hospital is that to when the patients are being taken from their room to the Radiology Department for a test or a procedure.

According to United States Pharmacopeia, which is a nonprofit organization that sets the standards for the drug industry, they say that the harm to the patients is seven times more frequent in the radiological services than in other hospital settings.

The researchers said that the patients must ask whenever they are being taken from their room to another location as to where they are being taken, and what is the purpose of their visit to the other department they are being taken to.

The researchers also added that they hope that their report will help the hospital system to find better ways to examine the problem and find as to how to minimize the errors and they should raise a red flag at the times when the patient is going to such departments where the chances of errors in patient handling are high.

There are different reasons as to why the harmful errors can take place in the Radiology Department.

There are a variety of reasons that harmful errors are much more likely in the radiology suite. These comprise of receiving potentially fatal drugs such as dyes, sedatives, blood thinners, and at that point their care is being handed off from department to another and there are a whole lot chances of communication error that can occur and this can result in harm occurring to the patients.

Therefore the major thing that occurs in patient handling among different departments is lack of communication among them.

The Radiology Department performs different studies, x-rays, tests, procedures, which include cardiac catheterization and diagnosing heart problems.

The experts added that the data that was being brought up was surprising, as this has not received a lot of attention and there is a whole lot of work that needs to be done to minimize fatal errors.

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