Trans Fats Should Be Under One Percent Of Calories

At this day and age there are a lot of people who are suffering from heart diseases and the number is increasing day after day. There are a lot of things that are being said to be the cause of the cardiovascular diseases and it is being said that the people must start to think about their health and must adopt the ways that are healthy. The way that these diseases can be prevented is through prevention and the care that we can offer to ourselves. There are a lot researches that have been conducted on the topics as to how to prevent heart diseases and what are the different things that must be done so that the large number of cases of heart diseases can be cut down. The American Heart Association also known as AHA has set new guidelines in which they have said that there should be less than one percent of the total calorie intake of trans fats in our diets.

It is also being mentioned by the American Heart Association that the lethal killer of people in US is heart disease and the organization is encouraging people to adopt better and healthier lifestyles so that they are able to prevent falling a victim of this disease. According to the recommendations made the individuals should work on reducing the intake of the saturated fats and the trans fats. It is also being recommended that the individuals must cut down the intake of food and drinks that have sugars as additives in them. It is very good that the people adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking active participation in sports and sport related activities so that they are able to control the gain of weight. People should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. It was also mentioned that the individuals must not use any tobaccos or cigarettes. If the people can follow the above outlined advices then they can maintain a very good level of cholesterol, blood pressure and the blood glucose levels.

The researchers at the American Heart Association also added that before it was being advised to people that they should have a healthy diet and that their diet should have a specific pattern, but now according to the recent research and by finding the new ways and exploring how people can benefit more so that they are able to prevent being a victim to a cardiovascular disease, it was said that it is also important that people should adopt a lifestyle that includes exercise and a healthy life pattern. It is not one thing on which we can say that the people can protect themselves from getting heart diseases it is just a set of things that they have to look for such as diet, exercise, stress free life, good sleeping habits, quitting drinking and smoking and controlling the weight so that they are able to live a healthy and a better life, not only for them but for their loved ones too and also to make an example for the rest of the people to follow so that they can also protect themselves from the harm of the cardiovascular diseases.

According to the American Heart Association, they say that they are putting more stress and focus on the number of calories that are being taken on a daily basis and that how many calories are being burnt on a daily basis. It was also being added that it is really important that the individuals who are preparing the foods must keep that in mind that they are not using a lot of saturated fats while cooking the foods, as well as salt and sugar, so that it can ensured that the food that is being cooked is a truly healthy food for everyone to eat and poses no threat or risk to health.

The guidelines that are being given by the American Heart Association are also valid for the children who are growing up, the elderly, people who are suffering from the metabolic syndrome, along with people who are suffering from or are at risk of the cardiovascular diseases as well as the kidney disease. By undertaking and understanding the recent trends by the people who are currently eating out, these people are certainly at risk because they are not taking care of the portion size and the amount of fats and sugars that they are ingesting and they are obviously not burning the amount of fats that they need to in order to maintain the right caloric requirement that they need to for the day.

The American Heart Association is trying to bring awareness among all the people throughout the country that they need to learn as to what are the healthy ways of living and what are the different things that are needed for all of us to be aware of so that we can help each other to stay healthy. For example if the restaurant makes different foods and in that they are making sure that they are not using trans fats and saturated fats or are using very low amounts of that then they are helping everyone to stay healthy. If this becomes a trend that people eat smaller portion sizes then this would be a big breakthrough where people would able to not eat compulsively and would eat right. They also suggested that people must also add eating of the fruits and vegetables as well as fish in their diets.

The saturated diets are present in the animal products and can also be found in the oils such as coconut oil and palm oil. The trans fats are used to make the crackers, French fries, cakes, pies, as well as cookies and bread.

People do not have to totally change as to what they love to eat, but they just have to change a little of the direction that they are currently going in and the best thing is to change the lifestyle and eat what is healthy and best for you and involve yourself in exercising regularly.


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