A New Hope For Couples With Infertility Issues


There are a lot of couples throughout the world who are going through infertility issues, where either the female or the male can have problems in their reproductive system that can be the cause of infertility. Till now the most common method that the people have been using to achieve pregnancy has been in vitro fertilization, which is also known as IVF. Now another method is being introduced known as NaPro Technology (NPT) which has proven to be successful and has been cost effective that assists couples to start their new life. Another very important thing is that NPT restores fertility, which allows the conception to occur naturally.

Effects Of Infertility On The Lives Of Couples:

The desire to have a child by a couple is very overwhelming and this leads them to go through different mind phases such as grief, depression, sadness and the couple both try to strengthen each other through these times, but the suffering increases as the time goes on and the patience runs thin, which in turn leads to a stretch in the relationship. This can also lead to desperation and these couples then use desperate measures such as going for in vitro fertilization also known as IVF without understanding what this procedure is. Some couples find it beneficial but for others this process does not work at all and they get more aggravated with time and their hope falls down.

Research Before You Try To Opt For Any Procedure

You must research on the different procedures that are there before you opt for any one procedure. Lot of people spend on IVF procedure as well as its other form known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection also known as ICSI. Now another new technique that has come in the market is the NaPro Technology, which means natural procreative technology, in which both the medical and the diagnostic technologies are directed towards achieving the pregnancy the natural way through intercourse rather than the other procedures as mentioned above.

Why To Choose NPT Over IVF:

1. Focus Of NPT: The focus of NPT is on the disease to find as to what is the reason that the couple is not achieving pregnancy. This is the first thing that is being worked on. In IVF, the cause of infertility is not being looked into much and the cause is almost totally ignored.

2. Success Rate: It has been mentioned in the medical journals that the NPT has 1.5 to 3 times more success rate than the IVF. There was a study that was conducted over a four year period on about 95 couples who had been in the NPT program and had been trying to conceive for about 6 years had about 176 attempts that failed. The Artificial Reproductive Technique reported that there were about 123 conceptions. There were increasing success rates with the couples staying longer in the NPT program.

3. Higher Risks Of Multiple Births With IVF: According to the ART data, which was conducted from 1983 till about 1986 showed that with the transfer of embryos which were about 3.2 per woman ended up in 81 live births. From this data it was concluded that it required 16.9 living embryos to give birth to one child. When there are higher cases of success reported in IVF means that there is a higher risk of multiple births.

4. Killing Of Child In The Womb: Since there are a lot of chances of having multiple pregnancy with IVF, the women are required to selectively kill the additional babies in the womb.

5. Difference Of Mode: In IVF the sperm and ova are being fertilized and then placed in the womb, whereas the NPT program just follows the natural process to achieve the pregnancy.

6. Cost Effective: Another very important difference between the NPT and the IVF is that NPT is more cost effective than the IVF procedure. The median one cycle of IVF costs about $9226. On the other hand, the NPT costs approximately $9,290, which includes the evaluation by a physician, the hormone and ultrasound, as well as outpatient surgical treatment of infertility.

7. The Outcomes Of Pregnancy: There have been growing concerns with the procedures of IVF and ICSI, as it is being noted that the children who are being conceived with this procedure are likely to have a birth defect at the end of the first year of life. The birth defect is about 8.6% to 9.0% with IVF and ICSI than the 4.2% through the natural procedures.

8. You Can Get Pregnant Again: With the NPT you can get pregnant again through the natural way while on the other hand with IVF or ICSI, the process of planting in the embryo is the only way to get pregnant again because with these processes the cause of infertility is not corrected.


You must go through all the available options and then select the one that you think suits you the best according to your budget and with the guidance of the doctor. We pray that you will have all the health and happiness in your life.

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