Red Wine Best For Periodontal Disease

According to a latest study, red wine is good for health. The red wine works in preventing and treating the inflammatory periodontal disease. Periodontal disease occurs mostly in older people.

According to a survey, periodontal disease affects about 65% of the Americans who are over the age of 50. The dental disorder, periodontitis, occurs as a result of progression of gingivitis, which includes inflammation and infection of the ligaments that provide support for the teeth.

Furthermore, periodontitis is an infectious disease, which is progressive and affects the gums and bones that form the supporting structures of the teeth. This then leads to loosening of the teeth and they then move and are ultimately lost.

The experts notified that there are 80% of Americans who are suffering from some type of gum disease, which can be present in a very mild form, which is gingivitis or can be pretty severe, which is termed as periodontitis.

When the inflammation of the gums is left untreated, which is known as gingivitis, then this leads to the development of periodontitis. In this, the infection and the inflammation spreads from the gums and involves the ligaments and the bones that support the teeth. When the support is lost, the teeth eventually fall out.

It is also noted that in adults the major cause of loss of teeth is due to periodontitis. This disorder is rare in childhood but increases in adolescence. There is also a problem with the formation of plaque that accumulates at the base of the teeth. When the inflammation occurs, it forms a pocket between the teeth and the gums, and then the plaque and tartar fills in this gap and the plaque is then deposited in them.

With the progression of the inflammation, there is destruction of the tissues and bone, which surrounds the teeth. The plaque contains the bacteria and because of it there can be development of the tooth abscess due to which there is increased bone destruction.

The products that contain polyphenols have been shown to have very positive effects on the periodontal disease and according to the recent studies, the red wine particularly the grape seeds have the anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties and they prevent the heart disease as well.

The researchers have found out that the polyphenols present in the red wine have the antioxidant qualities. In periodontitis there is increased production of the cytokines by host cells that is caused by the periodontopathogens, which is said to be responsible for the destruction of the tissues that support the teeth and the macrophages play a major role in the inflammatory response.

Thus with this study the anti-oxidant properties of polyphenols present in the red wine can be very useful to prevent and treat the inflammatory periodontal diseases along with the other disorders that are related to involve free radicals.

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