Alteration Of Hormones Due To Migraine Drug Overuse

There was a study that suggested that individuals who suffer from chronic migraines are the individuals who can overuse the pain relieving medications and the overuse of these medications can cause abnormalities in the hormonal responses.

According to the previous studies, it was found that the people who overuse the migraine medications are the ones who can suffer from the precipitating headaches that can become chronic and it is also being suggested that this can be due to the alteration of the hormone regulation.

The migraines are head pains, which occur as episodic attacks and are often accompanied by nausea and vomiting and are followed by an aura, and can be brought upon by the light and sound. The basis on which an individual is being labeled as an individual who is suffering from migraines is the one who has a history of migraine attacks at least 15 days out of a month for a period of about three months.

It is being shown that the chronic use of the migraine medications such as the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, the ergot alkaloids and the triptans can alter the hormones such as the growth hormones and the cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone.

The study was conducted in about 18 adults who had been suffering with migraines and about 18 individuals who were healthy. It was found that most of the individuals who were suffering from migraines were using the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and were not using the specific medications for migraine.

The tests were conducted in the individuals who were participating in the study, they were injected with the hormone releasing hormones such as GnRH, which is growth hormone releasing hormone, the cortisol, thyroid stimulating hormone and the adrenocorticotropic hormone. After this, the results were compared with the healthy individuals and it was found that the individuals who are suffering from chronic migraine headaches showed a reduction or increase in the levels of these hormones.

The researchers added that they need to do more studies so that they are able to find the relation of the overuse of the drugs to treat the migraines with the alteration of the hormones and they added that they really need to be sure that the alteration of these hormones are linked to these medications, which will definitely require a lot of studies in the coming years to establish this relationship.


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