Risk Of Having A Small Baby Due To Work Conditions

According to the latest report there is a very stunning data that has been brought into light, which shows that the working women who are pregnant and are exposed to the various occupational conditions are at risk of having a small infant, which is due to irregular or shift work schedules.

It is also being stated that if these factors are eliminated that are the basis of the causation of a birth of a small infant before the 24th week of pregnancy, then it surely brings down the risk to the women who have been unexposed.

Another thing that the readers must know is the term SGA, which means small for gestational, which means that the infant is the one that is smaller in size than a normal infant. The birth weight of these infants fall below the 10th percentile and thus leads to a lot of different problems and puts the infants at risk of low oxygen levels as well as blood sugar levels at birth.

This has been a very important study to raise awareness among the women who are working that the hectic and irregular work environments can lead to the development of the low birth weight of the infants. This awareness can bring about a tremendous change in the attitudes of women to care for this situation and this will result into decreased number of cases of pregnancy with infants with low birth weights.

In the study it was found that the women who have been working night hours, or had irregular work schedule or shift work schedules, the women who have been working heavy loads or have to stand for long hours or are being exposed to high noise levels in their job places, all these factors lead them to give birth to infants who are low at birth weight, which leads to a lot of clinical problems in infants.

This study has opened the grounds for women who are working in these stressful environments to either change their working environments or go on leave of absence so that they are able to minimize the chances of putting their infants at risk of low birth weight.


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