Breast Cancer Is Fought By A Bone Loss Drug

According to a new research, a bone loss drug, which is Raloxifene, which reduces the resorption of the bones can reduce the chances of women suffering from breast cancer. The researchers who have been studying the effects of the drug, Raloxifene, said that this drug works equally good as the drug tamoxifen, which is being used as an agent to kill the cancerous cells that are caused by the breast cancer.

We would like to give you a brief introduction of breast cancer so that you can gather an understanding of this leading cause of death in women; breast cancer is the most prevalent and common cancer among the women and the number of cases reported of breast cancer are increasing a lot. As an estimate there are about one million women who are currently suffering from breast cancer.

There are many factors that lead to the development of breast cancer and one of them is age. It is being estimated that the incidence of breast cancer in women increases after every 10 years and it just increases with every decade until the women they hit their menopause and it is then that the risk of developing breast cancer starts to decrease. From the research and analyzing the different data that was gathered from throughout the world, it has come to known that out of every 100,000 women about 24 women in Japan will develop cancer where as in China this rate climbs further to about 26. These numbers increase pretty high in Britain where it is about 68.8 and in Scotland it is 72 and in US it climbs up to about 90.7 per 100,000 females.

It has also been established a fact that if the women from any of these countries travel to US or from any of the low numbered countries, then it is being seen that the breast cancer cases will come to the same level of that country in a matter of a few decades, which shows that apart from the genetic influence in getting the breast cancer, it is also the geographical variation that has a strong influence on developing the breast cancer.

Another factor that can be the cause of breast cancer is the reproductive factors, the women who are either menstruating early or are going through a late menopause are likely to develop breast cancer. Also the women who give birth to a child at late ages are at risk of developing breast cancer and the risk is doubled in these women than the women who are giving birth to a child in their 20s. It is also being stated that the women who give birth to their first child at the age of 35 are the ones who are at the most risk than the women who have no children at all.

Another cause of breast cancer among women is the inheritance of the genetic makeup, which accounts for about 10% of the women all around the world. Another factor that is the cause of the breast cancer is the presence of a previous breast disease that can account for the development of breast cancer.

Another factor of breast cancer is the radiation exposure. It has been mentioned that the teenage girls were the ones who developed the breast cancer due to the radiation exposure during the World War II. The women who are obese before reaching to their menopausal age are less likely to develop breast cancer where as in the postmenopausal women the increase in weight doubles the risk of breast cancer in them.

These days women are being going through constant breast examinations and breast screenings and the women are also asked to self breast examinations so that they are able to check whether they are developing any lumps that must be given serious attention to.

If the cancer is being found then the women are being told about the different tests that they would be going through and what are the different options that they have in terms of treatment of the breast cancer and what are the risks and benefits of the different treatment options that will be instituted as the best approach that is present at the current time. Therefore it is best that if you find a lump in the breast, that you must consult a physician and get that checked immediately. There are a lot of breakthroughs that are going on in the current world of medicine where there are a lot of drugs that are becoming available to the women that are much safer and more specific for the treatment of breast cancer and thus is a great hope for the women who are suffering from it.

According to the recent research, the scientists have been able to find out that there is a drug that is equally effective as the drug tamoxifen and that it reduces the incidence of breast cancer by 50%. Raloxifene is an osteoporosis drug and is being given to women to help protect their bones.

There was a study that was conducted in which the data was collected of about 20,000 women who have reached the phase of menopause. It was found that the raloxifene was comparatively a safer drug than the tamoxifen because it caused less uterine cancers and very few blood clots that were life threatening. The researchers also found out that if we see the effects of the drugs and the quality of life issues, there were a lot of women who said that they had side effects from both of these medicines, which are raloxifene and the tamoxifen, but the raloxifene did not have much of a negative impact on their quality of life.

The symptoms that these women had with the tamoxifen were having were leg cramps, problems of bladder and gynecological problems. Whereas the women who were on raloxifene had been having aches, pains during intercourse and weight gain. It was also mentioned that the drug raloxifene is going to be a drug of choice for women who are at risk of developing breast cancer and that they will have an alternative now, which is going to be the most excellent aspect of it. The researchers said that raloxifene is still in the process of being approved by the FDA and they are hoping that it will get approved and will be a big hope for millions of women throughout the world.


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