Effects Of Sleep, Nutrition And Health On Life


Living our lives in a fast paced world, there are a lot of people who fall victim to health issues because of lack of sleep and poor nutrition. The individuals tend to lose balance in their daily requirement of sleep and nutrition because they do not find enough time to maintain a balance.

Reports From Latest Researches:

There have been latest researches that have been conducted to see as to what are the effects of lack of sleep on health. It was noted that the individuals who sleep less than six hours a day are at high risk to suffer from diabetes. It was also found by the researchers that the lack of sleep inhibits the production of a hormone that is responsible to suppress the appetite. Because of this the individuals who have less sleep tend to eat less and thus have a detrimental effect on their health.

Suggestion Of Professionals:

The professionals suggest that it is necessary that the individuals must take at least from six to eight hours of sleep so that the individuals can maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a healthier life. They also suggested that it is important that the individuals follow a specific pattern as the body will follow that pattern as well, but if there are abrupt changes in the routines of sleeping or eating habits, then the individuals will have see a negative impact of it on their lives and would have to suffer its aftermath.

What To Care For:

The researchers suggest that it is not wise to have large meals before one is going to rest. It was mentioned that eating before bedtime will cause a feeling of fullness in the morning when the individual wakes up as well as can cause them to suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is really important that we should watch as to what we eat because it is directly going to affect our life and we can see its impact in a matter of days.


As a last word, I would say that it is really important that we should know that sleep and nutrition is really very important aspects of our life and a proper balance in them is going to help us achieve a better and a healthier life, which people dream of. We generally do not understand the value of health until we become ill and see how important it is for us that we stay healthy and enjoy our life.

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