Garlic – Miraculous For Health


There are many natural food substances that have gained the reputation of providing a lot of benefits to humans, among them is garlic, which is used as medicinal purposes even by the physicians.

Medicinal Action and Uses

Introduction: There are a lot of medicinal uses of garlic that will be listed in the following paragraphs:

Effective Remedy For Disorders: The effective remedy for the different clinical conditions include skin disorders, erectile dysfunction, low libido, improving memory, improving the complexion of skin, strengthens the bones and joints, improving the digestion and bowel movement, as well as useful for cardiac diseases.

Antibiotic Properties Of Garlic: Apart from having such wonderful medicinal properties as mentioned above for the different medical conditions, the garlic also holds the antibiotic properties and is also known as the nature’s antibiotic. It is also very effective against the yeast, viral and fungal infections. The garlic is also known to be effective against anthrax.

Garlic Used As An Expectorant: Garlic is also used and known for its expectorant properties. It is also being used for the patients who are suffering from asthma and helps improve the health of the lungs. Garlic is also used very effectively in whooping cough.

Garlic Reduces Cholesterol: Garlic is considered to be a marvel for the patients who are suffering from the cardiovascular diseases. It works on lowering the cholesterol level as well as triglycerides. Apart from that, it also inhibits the sticking of the platelets together, which decreases the coagulation phenomena. Another very good function of it is that it works to lower down the blood pressure and also has the anti-oxidative properties.

Garlic Lowers Down Blood Pressure: Garlic just decreases the pressure off of the small arteries and lowers the blood pressure.

Garlic Works For Digestive Disorders: Garlic has the potential of improving the peristaltic movement of the digestive system and enhances the secretion of the digestive juices. It also improves the infection of the intestines and helps to remove the intestinal worms.

Garlic Functions As An Antiinflammatory: Since garlic has the antiinflammatory properties, it helps to improve the migrainous conditions, as well as working at best for the arthritis and the other inflammatory conditions of the body.

Garlic Protects From Skin Disorders: Garlic just detoxifies the blood and helps reduce the minor skin infections.

Garlic Fights Against Cancer: The studies that have been conducted to see whether the garlic works on reducing the risk of cancer and it has been seen that it works effectively on reducing the formation of carcinogenic compounds and hence reduces the risk of esophageal, colon and stomach cancer.

Garlic Is An Effective Remedy For Erectile Dysfunction: This is another very important property that garlic possesses and helps improve libido and erectile dysfunction. It improves the blood circulation to improve the erection. An enzyme known as nitric oxide synthase, which is responsible to stimulate the production of erection is being produced in more quantities because of garlic.

Role Of Garlic In Pregnancy: In pregnancy the women go through increased hypertension and this condition is known as pre-eclampsia. There have been studies that have shown that garlic eases off the blood pressure in the pregnant women.

Role Of Garlic In Herpes: Garlic is also known to be helpful in treating genital herpes and also reduces the risk of outbreak herpes outbreak.


Garlic can be a very helpful companion in a person’s life, which can help prevent a lot of medical problems and thus will ensure a healthy life overall, which will then impact positively on the mental and emotional well being.

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