Genetic Disorders Detected By DNA Fingerprinting In Embryo

Genetics is the future of the modern day science. There are a lot of diseases that have a genetic influence behind them and it is how they are caused. The researchers now are trying to find the ways as to how they can be able to detect the different genes that are the cause of the diseases so that they are able to detect these problems in the embryo and eliminate them before the child comes into the world. Isn’t that amazing that a child who is going to born with a problem of autism, now have the opportunity to live a life where he is going to be a normal child and will not suffer from the disastrous effects of autism. We are talking about future where millions of people who could have suffered from serious illnesses now have a chance to live a longer, happier and a bright life, I think that is awesome and that will lead to a healthy world with long term life expectancy.

In this article we are going to discuss the different diseases that are being detected through the genetic testing and their genes are being marked and that is going to be just the beginning of this new era.

The geneticists have now been able to get really close in finding the genetic basis of the metabolic basis, which includes hypertension, obesity as well as diabetes. In this study the researchers studied about 1300 patients, as well as volunteers who were healthy and in them the researchers were able to find a great deal of variation in the sequence of the DNA, which was lipid phosphate SHIP2 gene, which is linked with the heightened risk of developing the metabolic disorder, which is also known as the syndrome X. The researchers are still working on it to get to the culprit genes that are the cause of the metabolic syndrome, which includes hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia that can ultimately result in the vascular problems as well as the cardiovascular disease.

Another gene, which is known as SHIP2, which controls the biological aspects of the insulin, which is a hormone produced by pancreas. This regulates the biological effects of insulin that functions to lower the sugar level in the blood. In syndrome X, there is decrease in the action of the insulin to lower the blood sugar level that results in the development of diabetes. The researchers added that they need to do more studies so that they are able to gather more data and get to the genes that are causing all these things to happen in individuals and that is going to be a major breakthrough once it is being sorted out because these genetic disorders can be cleared out in the embryos.

So the scientists are now coming up with the tests that would enable them to find these genetic disorders in the embryos and then this would help the couples to prevent passing on the bad genes to their kids.

The scientists said that there are a lot of diseases that pass on through the genetic route and with the different techniques that are being devised these days they would be able to save millions of people from falling a victim of those diseases and there can be millions and millions of dollars that can be saved and the world can be a much better place with greater life expectancies.
The scientists mentioned that testing the parents, as well as the kids and close relationships can help the scientists to identify the markers, which are the different genes that are the cause of the diseases. There is a new test that is being introduced, which is known as pre-implantation genetic halotyping, also known as PGH, which will be providing lots of couples to help prevent passing of the serious illnesses to their children so that this can be made sure that the embryos that are used in the in-vitro fertilization are healthy.
The researchers added that with these genetic testings, the embryos are screened for the known genes of various diseases and this is being done with taking one single cell from the embryo and then amplifying it to a million times in the laboratory and it is from this that these scientists are able to know as to what are the different culprit genes that are there and should be eliminated from the embryo so that the embryo is free from these genes and the child who then comes into the world is almost totally free of disease.
When the scientists have taken out the cell from the embryo and checked under high amplifications then there is a very little chance that the results could be faulty. The parents and close family members are also tested so as to determine as to what are the different chromosomes that have the culprit genes in them. And then these faulty patterns that are obtained from the parents and the close relatives are then compared with the patterns obtained from the embryo and this shows whether the culprit genes were in the embryo or not.

With the pre-implantation genetic halotyping it is also possible to know that whether the embryo is just only a carrier or it has the genetic condition in it that would ultimately lead to diseases. If there is no such condition in the embryo then the embryo is known as healthy.

This test has helped about five kids who might have contracted the Duchenne muscular dystrophy and that risk has been eliminated from the embryos who will grow out to be healthy individuals, which is a huge success that this modern day technological advancements have given to us.


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