Major Differences Between Raw Food And Cooked Food

In this article we are going to shed light on the major differences between the raw food and the cooked food. It is known that when the foods are cooked at high temperatures, the major ingredients of the foods (especially vegetables) such as essential enzymes and the nutrients are being destroyed. The animal meat and products are excluded from this. Both of the raw and the cooked foods have their pros and cons, let us see both sides of the coin to have a better look at the picture.

In raw foods, there are more Nutrients than the cooked foods. When the foods are cooked, there is about 80% of the vitamins and minerals that are destroyed in that process. It also shows that during the process of cooking, there is a loss of about 90 percent of B12 and about a 100% loss of enzymes and the phytonutrients. On the other hand, it is being said that an individual can absorb vitamin C better from the cabbage when it is cooked rather than eating it raw.

It is being said that the raw foods are easier to Digest than the cooked foods. The studies show that the enzymes contained in the raw foods help an individual to digest the food much more better than the cooked foods. This shows that the foods that have the enzymes in them are going to benefit the digestive tract and are going to allow better absorption of the nutrients. On the other hand, it is being said regarding the cooked foods, that the digestibility of the foods get better when they are cooked as they are tough and to get their nutrient value, one should cook them such as beans etc.

The body contains toxins and the raw foods help Detoxify the toxins present in the body. The foods that we eat these days that are conventionally grown contains pesticides, preservatives, hormones etc. and can cause hazardous effects on the body, whereas the raw foods can help the body to eliminate the existing toxins and prevents them from being created and helps the body to maintain the normal health overall. On the side of the cooked food, it is being said that the cooked foods can also help eliminate the toxins from the body such as the foods that contain vitamin C can be cooked on light heat and thus help detoxify the toxins present in the body.

The raw food can be a lot easier and Convenient to make and there is no mess of the oil and grease present on the plates and it does not require much soaking or scrubbing and takes less time on cleaning out the dishes and makes less mess. On the other hand, the people who support the making of cooked food say that eating raw food can be a whole lot boring and it does not bother them to clean out the dishes and plates and there are lot of techniques to cook foods in a way where they use a whole less oil and the food is a lot less greasy and oily.


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