Help Your Close Ones To Combat Depression

Depression is a feeling of sadness and despair in which it just eats out the person inside. Depression is something that can isolate an individual and thus it would take them away from their family, friends and people who are close to them.

The person who is going through the episode of depression is a person who has no interest in life at all. If you see any individual who is going through depression, you can just observe them pretty closely as to what are the different feelings that they are going through and thus you can see their feelings and you can learn a lot as to the different phases they experience and your role in that to help them come out of those feelings.

You must know that you can do a lot for those individuals how are going through such a disaster in their life and just remember that these feelings are contagious and can absorb you too, so it is best for you that you just take care of your emotional feelings and make sure that you are not going to fall apart as they are doing at the current point in time. You are the one who is going to support that person and not the one who would be depressed like the person whom you are thinking to help.

The most important thing in helping someone with depression is that you recognize the signs of depression, which are sadness and despair and a feeling where they are going down every single day and are not able to come out of the feelings they are in. They will lose the interest in the pleasure activities that they used to have and they have crying spells as well too. Their sleep would be disturbed, they might have impaired thinking or concentration, you can observe them close and see that they are losing weight or might gain weight as well, fatigue is another sign, low self esteem, loss of libido and suicidal ideations are other signs that can be looked for in these individuals.

The first and the foremost thing that you can do is that you recognize it and you let the person who is suffering through depression to understand that they are going through depression. After that you have gone through the realization process, you need to urge them that they need to see a doctor, as it is a medical situation and this needs to be looked into by a professional so that they could guide the best. You can also tell them that there are other medical conditions that could trigger the symptoms of depression such as thyroid disease. This would put the realization that they do need to get themselves checked and they would get the best care possible.

You must know that pretty clearly that it is a feeling of impending doom and if you haven’t had felt what depression is then you just cannot feel what depression really is and what the other person is going through. You can read information on depression to see as to what it does to individuals and how lethal it can be.

You can offer the people suffering from depression the empathy and compassion and being by their side to comfort them as much as you can.

You can acknowledge their pain and don’t talk on the things much that would put them back in the same feelings that they were and you must not give them advices.

You can ask them as to how you can help them and you can do for them as to whatever they would want you to do and show them your concerns and your compassion for them.
You must always reinforce them positively and tell them how much they mean to you and how your life depends on them in so many ways and you don’t want them to be in that feeling and it really hurts you to see the suffering they are in.

You can ask them to go for a walk with you and you must ask them politely and do not press them much on that and just try to find their areas of interest in which they might find the strength to get themselves go out of the home and enjoy some time and feel a little better cause this can be a big break to make them feel good.

You must remember that if you see any signs of suicidal ideation in the individuals then you must take immediate action by letting their personal care provider know about the situation and you must stay with the person at all times so that they do not commit the suicide that they are planning to or saying through words directly that they are going to commit suicide, be very careful cause it is when they need the most attention.

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2 thoughts on “Help Your Close Ones To Combat Depression

  1. Scott March 14, 2006 at 12:48 pm

    I tried EVERY drug there is for “SevereDepression” and never got very much results. 60mg Cymbalta has helped me so very much! I can only now see just how bad off I was back then. I always had suicidal thoughts and thought that was normal for Depression, but now I see clearly that my suicidal thoughts were Obsessive to the point of being crippling. I wasted most of my life hating life and wanting to die, while always planning my suicide. (I thought of suicide in detail at least 10 times+ a day) Some suicidal thoughts do still come and go, but 90% of it is gone and those that do happen are not so bad. I do still feel about 25% of the actual Depression, but after years of the prior, I can deal with that. A huge load has been lifted from me and I feel I can LIVE now. I tried the Provigil and it helped a lot, but my insurance just won’t cover it, so I have to go without it. (I have been told by those around me that I’m a little faster to take a bite out of their butts now, but I’d rather be a Happy A-Hole than a Miserable Nice Guy. LOL!!!)Scott

  2. Laurel Nielsen March 14, 2006 at 1:36 pm

    I switched from neurontin to Cymbalta for severe nerve pain in my feet, i have now developed high blood pressure. I’m requesting a swtich today at my Dr. Appointment.

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