The Morning After Pill

There was this interesting case that was brought forward in which there were three women who sued the Wal-Mart for not keeping the morning after pill in Massachusetts.

There was a new law that took effect last year in which there was a heated debate among the lawmakers in which they said that it must be necessary that the hospitals provide the morning after pill to the rape victims, this also allows the pharmacists to dispense the pill without a prescription.

This lawsuit is being back by the abortion rights group who argue that Wal-Mart is defying the state policy, which requires all the pharmacies all over Massachusetts to provide the medicines that are commonly prescribed and this group wants the compliance with the regulation of the state.

The lawyer of the plaintiffs said that the Massachusetts pharmacies are required to stock all medications that are commonly prescribed to meet the usual needs of the community.

On the other hand, the spokesman for the Wal-Mart said that the company not chooses not to carry many products for business reasons.

The spokesman also said that if the Wal-Mart pharmacy does not have the prescription, then the pharmacist is instructed to refer the customer to a different drug store.

The Wal-Mart spokesman also said that they are not keeping that drug in any of the stores in any other state.

The way that morning after pill works is that it provides a high dose of hormones that the women can take till five or six days, which will prevent pregnancy. There are some people who oppose abortion state that contraception is another form of abortion because it works to block the fertilized egg from being implanted on the uterine wall.

The plaintiffs who tried to take the morning after pill were turned away when they tried to buy the contraception pill at the Wal-Mart stores in their areas.

One of the doctors’s stated that the women should not be refused of the emergency medications that they need.

This case has just caught a lot of publicity these days and people are awaiting to see as to how this case would shape in the coming days.


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