Keeping Busy Is Good

We do hear a lot from our parents saying that we need to be keeping ourselves busy and we mostly say that we do a lot in a day, but we still hear from our parents that we need to fix our rooms, we should spend some time in a day to exercise and we have been saying to our parents that why do they stress that we keep ourselves busy throughout the day, we need some leisure time, but this is something that the research has proved that it is really important that an individual keep him or herself busy as much as they can. This does not mean that we overdo on things, but what it means is that we should spend a good amount of time in a day where we are just going through the physical work out and being on our toes for as long as we can.

When our parents used to say that we need to be physically active most of the day, I used to think that why do they say that, why do they emphasize on it so much that we keep ourselves busy, but when I read this research on the topic that keeping busy is good, I just remembered my parents saying those words and I felt that it is they who are right in front of me and saying that. When our parents used to say that we should work, in my opinion they were just trying to get us into a habit that we should be physically active and that we should spend a lot of time during the day where we are doing chores, going to gym, going out shopping etc. because this latest research says that being physically active is something that prolongs life and the people who are physically active during the later years in their life are the ones who have longer life span than the ones who are not physically active at all. It was also said that people who do shopping or walk their dogs when they are above 70 is something that is going to prolong their life because they are keeping themselves busy.

The study was conducted so that it could be seen that whether this hypothesis of keeping busy was right or not and for this reason there were about 300 elderly people who were being followed for a span of about eight years and the activities of their daily living were being recorded to see as to how they spend their time most of the day and it was found that that the elderly people who were keeping themselves active were the ones who survived during the course of the study rather than the ones who were not living with an active lifestyle. It was also mentioned in the study that the elderly individuals who were burning the energy from their body were the ones who were 67 percent less likely to die than the ones who were the least active. The death toll of the elderly individuals who were the least active was marked at about 25 percent and the rate of death among the individuals who were the most active was only about 12 percent and there was a big difference between the percentages of the two groups.

The researchers added that they were not emphasizing that the elderly individuals should go through an aggressive exercise program or spend a very upbeat lifestyle, it is just that they should be keeping themselves busy in activities that would keep them physically active and they enjoy that at the same time like walking the dog, taking walks in the parks, bowling with the peers of their age groups, playing nine pins etc. any thing that would be considered an enjoyable physical activity by them and among them there is one most important thing that is loved by women and that is shopping, even shopping keeps one physically active and helps the individuals to burn a lot of energy.

It was also added that if the elderly people have jobs that are absolutely according to their physical capacity would be very much keeping them healthy and in a lot better shape than the elderly who do not have any job at all and this just would have a very positive impact on their lives. The scientists also added that keeping busy can be graded as something that is next to life for them because there has been an increased death rate seen in the elderly individuals who have not been exercising. Therefore it is very important for them to be working so that their life is prolonged and they live healthy.

The researchers also added that this research can change the lives of so many elderly people because the most important thing is that they just burn their energy in tiny bits and pieces. It is not important that they just burn their energy at a very rapid pace but to burn it slowly and gradually by keeping them busy throughout the day in the activities that they like the most so that they are able to see a major difference in their life and see as to how important it is for them to be stronger and healthier at an age where they are going weak, where the different diseases and medical issues are just waiting to put them through a lot of pain and misery, and only just by burning the energy little by little every day can be just another name for life for these people.

The researchers also suggested that the elderly individuals who do not have any specific routine can just set themselves a specific course of activities throughout the day that they like the most with which they are able to burn their energy slowly and gradually. It is so important for these individuals who do not realize that activity is so important for them that it is considered as next to life, which is proven through this research by going through the death rates and following the individuals for about eight years, which is a long segment of time that showed that people who were keeping themselves active had lesser death rates than the individuals who were not active or were least active. So it is very important for them to organize their day and set a pattern of activities for them that they enjoy the most.

The researchers also suggested that the nature of the exercise is not strenuous at all and it is not going to be something that will be harmful for them but will be something that is going to keep them in better shape. The researchers also said that if the senior citizens have any doubts regarding the above said research, they can contact their family doctors and can get an opinion from them to see what can be best for them.

Another thing that the researchers added was that this study was not enough and that there will be still more studies that will be conducted so that they are able to find a lot of the other hidden aspects that would greatly benefit the senior citizens.


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