Kids Suffer From Parents Fights

There were recent studies conducted that showed that the parents fighting, even if they are of a moderate category can produce very negative affects on the lives of children, which disrupts their sleep and have a very negative impact on the day to day activities of the children.

The fighting between parents just damages the children in many ways. The kids are intelligent and they can feel and understand the things that are going around them. If their parents are keeping silent and are not talking to each other, the kids feel that too and it is not that they cannot understand as to what is going on around them.

The kids understand that their parents are unhappy with each other and are not giving positive vibes. When you ask the children as to how they are feeling, they will say that they feel distressed, angry and fearful. This is how they feel when they are going through a stressed relationship of their parents. This really destroys their personality in a very bad manner.

There have been recent studies that were conducted to see as to how the interaction of parents affected the lives of children and it was focused as to what is the point that the adults are going through a stressed relationship where the children start to experience emotional distress in their lives.

There were some other studies that were focused as to how the sleep of the children is being affected if their parents are going through a stressed relationship. This study was conducted on 54 healthy children who were lying at the age level of about 8 and 9 years old, who were interviewed about the relationship of their parents and it was found out on tracking their sleep that the children whose parents even have the moderate levels of conflict are angry and go through anger outbursts and have lost about 30 minutes of sleep per night. It was added that this loss of about half an hour in sleep can prevent the children from getting into the different stages of sleep where they really need to rest.

The lack in sleep just results in anger and irritability the other day and is really devastating for their health.

On interviewing different children it was found that most of the families were going through a great deal of marital problems and in many of the families there was a whole lot of verbal abuse and being sarcastic among each other most of the times.

There was another study in which they kept track of about 223 children who were about 6 years of age and also their parents to see how the conflict of the parents affected the lives of children and their emotional behavior. It was found out that the children were suffering from emotional difficulties as their parents were involved in hostile attitudes among each other and was causing a great deal of damage to children.

The researchers also worked on finding out if the constant conflict environment that they had gone through just wears out over time and have no affect on them or they just are troubled throughout their lives, and it was found that those children were remained troubled at the same level that they were or they have reached increased levels of aggravation and are very irritable.

It is also being said that when the kids are being exposed to high degree of conflicts among parents, they do not get used to it, but they become more and more sensitive and they react very harsh to it.

The most important thing that was brought about was that the parents must not abuse each other in front of their kids and if they are going to resolve some their issues, they should do that in front of their children, so that the child knows that their parents are now feeling good with each other, which will make them feel a whole lot comfortable.


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