When Is The Right Time To End Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a lethal disease and you have shown some great strength and courage by coming this far and you have dealt with everything with keeping your nerves really strong. During the course of the disease you had your treatment and gone through the related side effects.

It is of great importance to note that if your cancer treatment unfortunately did not work for you then you need to eventually think of giving up the treatment, it would be a tough choice for you to make. You can always ask as to what other treatment options or clinical trials are there for you to use. You must take your time in gathering the information and can look into other different modes of treatment as well and see what are the researches saying in the medical field and is there any benefit that you can take from them.

Just remember that when you were diagnosed with cancer you and your doctor sat down and you went through a whole lot of options and you were feeling a lot hopeful and now since that did not work out, you must not feel down, because you will find another way that will work out for you, and keep looking, and keep your hopes high. This is a challenge and you will find a way to get through. Just be optimistic.

After knowing that the therapy is not working for you, you need to change your goals and that would be a wise decision that you would be taking. Being realistic, you might not get the cure, but you still can focus on different things that you still can get and control, for example you can work on controlling the pain.

Things also depend largely as to what was the stage at which your cancer was diagnosed and if it was an advanced stage then you must know that there is no cure and at that time your goal might be to control the cancer from further spread or you can shrink the cancer to prevent it from spreading.

By looking at the above scenario, your goal now can be to focus more on comfort rather than cure and keeping yourself as symptom free as possible. You can focus more on your family and relationships and seeing what you have missed most of your life and trying to catch up with that and not to think about cancer.

You must know that what is the best time for you that you need to stop your treatment that you have been taking for to cure the cancer. You can always opt for going off of the treatment by knowing your current condition and know the actual status of your cancer and not denying anything but being totally realistic. You must know as to what is the treatment doing to you, is it causing further deterioration or is it causing you to feel better. There might be a whole lot side effects that could cause you to stop taking your treatment and that is right if they are hurting more than helping.

When you think of quitting your treatment, you must need to take your religious beliefs and other personal values into consideration.

When you have thought about quitting treatment, you must talk this out with your doctor and let him know as to what are the things that are making you think to take that decision and what is the opinion of your doctor. If the doctors have anything at their end that they could let you know and that would help, you must take that into consideration and revise your decision regarding that cause you might have a chance there.

You must know the fact that your doctor is on your side and he is going to help you the most as he could and whatever he will tell you would be in your best interest.


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