Know The Warning Signs Of Health Of Your Aging Parents

As the children are the assets of their parents, the parents are an asset to their children too. Your parents have cared for you when you were a child and in their old age they are a child too in which they have short nerves, they like peace and want things their way, just as you did when you were a child. You must make sure that your parents stay healthy in their old age. You cannot take care of your parents sitting miles away, but it should be your first priority that whenever you visit your parents you must ask about their health and find out as to what you can do to help them in anyway.

You must take notice of the following things that I will be mentioning in the paragraphs below so that you are able to make that a practice in your life as to looking into the things so that you can asses their health.

Just make sure that your parents are not losing any weight. It is a general concept that people think that they are losing weight and this is the indication of achieving health, but in reality losing weight can be a real problem and it might indicate a significant health problem such as cancer, dementia, malnutrition or gastric problems. It is important for you to know that loss of weight is not always linked to illnesses, there can be times when your parents might not feel like cooking or finding lack of energy to do that. You must talk with your parents about the concerns that they are going through so you could have a better idea as to what is going on. You can find the ways with your parents as to what foods are appealing and how they can get food on the proper time according to their meal plan.

The next thing that comes in the slot is that you must know as to whether your parents are safe in their homes or not and is the home fall proof, the lights are working, the air-conditioner and the heater are working, the yard is well maintained or not, you can just see all these things by just observing the surroundings to see how well the things are being taken care of. You must see the level of the hearing and sight of your parents and how well they are or are their senses deteriorating, because you can easily judge that by talking with them. If there is a loss in hearing or sight, then your parents at an increased risk of hurting themselves.

You could also check whether your parents are forgetful about the things that have been discussed and are they putting the food on the stove and forgetting about it, leaving the iron on and not shutting it off and this would tell you as to the memory level that they have right now and that they are getting forgetful of what they were doing or discussed.

You must take a serious look on your parent’s appearance and see if they are well groomed and whether they are taking good care of their health and hygiene or not, are their clothes clean or not, you can get a lot of ideas from how well your parents are taking care of themselves.

It is very important that you see as to how are the spirits of your parents and how they feel, whether they feel down or they feel really good and alive in themselves. You can look for signs of depression in your parents and can always help them turn around and look at the bright side of life. You must ask your parents as to what are their daily schedules and how are they going with their friends or their social circles, do they go out from time to time or not and you can tell them that you have plans for them to come and stay at your place.

You must see as to whether your parents are complying to deal with the problems they are going through. You can motivate them and make them realize that the things can be taken care for and you need them to be happy and lively. If you see that your parents are not complying, then you can talk with their doctor and see what can be done and are there any services that could help your parents out. So you must take serious steps in those regards.


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