Minimally Invasive Procedure Of Kidney

Kidney is one of the major organs of our body. The function of the kidney is to clear the toxic substances from the blood and hence making the blood purified. This purified blood then circulates through the body and returns again to the kidneys where it is being filtered again. It is really important for the kidneys to function properly but when there is any damage or structural deformity or blockage of the renal arteries or veins, then this leads to a host of symptoms. It is really important that if there are symptoms concerning the kidney functions such as pain in the lower flanks, hematuria, dysuria, etc. the individual must report to a doctor to ascertain as to what is the cause of these symptoms. It just greatly helps to manage the situation when diagnosed at an early stage. In this article we are going to discuss the new technique that is being found to treat the blocked arteries that can really prevent the kidneys from dying.

When an artery in the kidney is blocked, the conventional approach to deal with it is to remove the agent that is causing a block in the arteries, angioplasty, as well as stenting. In the recent study it was suggested that with the approach of minimally invasive angioplasty, as well as stenting that is done to restore the blood flow, there can be a suction device placed in the artery to remove the material that is blocking the artery. Of note, the kidney surgery is one of the major operations that the individual has to undergo and it has its complications, but with the minimally invasive approach it was found that after three to six weeks of it, the kidney was almost about or equal to functioning as a normal kidney as would have been achieved with a major surgery, which was an awesome result. The doctors who performed this surgery said that they are very hopeful that this type of kidney surgery is going to bring hopes to a lot of individuals who are going through the kidney damage and this new way of doing angioplasty and stenting would open new avenues of much better results.

The success of this new approach lies in the usage of the suction whose main function is to prevent buildup of the plaque or other materials that are the cause of the blockage of the arteries of the kidneys and ultimately cause severe damage to it. It was also said that with the approach of angioplasty without the use of the suction device that filters out the artery, the results have been very inconsistent.

Just to lay out a brief understanding as to what angioplasty is, it is a procedure in which there is a device like a balloon that is being inserted into the artery and then inflated, which results in the crushing of the fatty deposits inside the arteries that are causing their blockage. With other approaches, there is also a stent that is being inserted into the artery whose function is to keep the artery open or patent so that it just does not collapse back or build any plaques inside. Whereas in this approach the balloon is inflated into the vessel and then the suction system works to pull out all the debris that is causing the blockage out of the artery so that there are no remnants that can further cause the artery to block. In the study there were about 32 patients who took part and were in their late 60s. With this approach it was found that the kidney function was improved in about 50 percent of the patients who underwent through this procedure and the astonishing fact is that there was no individual in whom this procedure had caused any deterioration. The arteries that were narrowed were reopened in all the patients who had undergone this process and the blood pressure of these patients fall from 178 systolic to 158 systolic, whereas the diastolic pressures decreased from 81 to 76.

The experts said that the impairment of the blood flow is common in the individuals who are in their late 60s or 70s and thus this makes these procedures very common. It has also been found through the research data that there are about seven percent of the healthy older Americans who are suffering from narrowing of the renal artery or the narrowing of the main artery going into the kidneys. It was estimated that there would be about 40,000 Americans who would be requiring surgery to treat this condition.

The major complication of the narrowed blood vessels of the kidneys is that it causes high blood pressure and thus it makes the situation a whole lot worse because this can lead to heart attack, stroke or death and therefore it is really important to treat this condition as soon as possible and makes this situation an emergency.
Thus this new approach holds promises that the narrowing or blockage of the arteries is a condition that will be dealt with in a more secure way and to make sure that there will be more secure ways that will surface as the time goes on.


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