People With Longer Legs With Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

There are a lot of researches that have proven a lot beneficial to millions of people throughout the world and it is of great importance for all of us to go through the researches, which tell us a lot of amazing facts that these researchers find out through a lengthy period of time. There are some researches that take years till the final results are revealed. Today our article is focusing on a research that tells us regarding the relationship of longer legs with lower risk of heart disease. This was pretty interesting to learn that the length of the legs is related to heart diseases.

There was a study conducted in which there were about 4,000 women who were being selected to be a part of the study and the leg length of these women were measured, as leg length is a strong indicator of the diet and living conditions involved in childhood. It was mentioned by the researchers that there are a lot of factors that are related to heart diseases such as age, obesity, smoking, diabetes etc., but the researchers also said that the risk of heart diseases in women decreased by about 16% for every extra 4.3 cm in leg length.

In this study, the researchers took different measurements, which include height, leg length, trunk length, as well as weight of women whose ages range from 60 and 79. In this study it was also tested as to the lung functions of these women and also to determine whether these women used to smoke or not or are currently smoking, as well as their social status. Since the heart diseases have a lot of different risk factors that are known therefore it is very important that those factors should be determined so that it could be found that whether these women have been having any of these factors that are relating to heart diseases. There were about 700 women out of 4,000 women who had heart disease and about 700 had a history of heart attacks. These were the women who were found to have poor lung function tests, had high cholesterol levels and were more insulin resistant and this factor of insulin resistance was something that can predict that these women can develop diabetes and these were the women who were from the middle class and were working women.

Even after considering all those risk factors, it was considered that leg length was also strongly linked the risk of developing heart disease in women. It was found that the women who had heart problems had leg length of about 746.2 to about 752.6 mm as compared to the healthy women whose legs were measured to about 757.5 to about 760.3 mm. The researchers also added that there were environmental factors that ranged from the birth to puberty and that they affected the growth of the bones of legs, which had a long term effect on future of heart disease risk. Another very important finding that was being mentioned was that breast feeding as well as high energy diets in early ages i.e. age of two years and the factor of being born in a family who have been unable to manage their finances and are ranked in the poor family can directly affect the growth of the child and thus it will continue to affect the health in a negative way until the nutritional status of the child gets better.

In the analysis it was also found that there was a direct link between the leg length and the intimal-medial thickness of the arteries, which is a measure of the thickening of the blood vessels that can tell the development of atherosclerosis as well as hardening of the arteries at an early age. The researchers also added that the walls of the carotid arteries were found to be thinner in the individuals who had longer legs, as compared to the individuals who had shorter legs and that these individuals with longer legs were less likely to develop the atherosclerosis in the blood vessels, as well as reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

Therefore the researchers said that the leg length was directly linked to the intimal-medial thickness. This amazing research has provided a great deal of information to us that gears us to know the facts that can cause harmful sequence of events that can be looked for at the earlier stages of life and that can be combated at earlier times and that a great deal of care and prevention can be put into play such as careful diet and exercise so that the chances of developing such factors that can cause heart diseases can be prevented.

I hope this article has provided you with a good fund of knowledge and thus you can take the measures that are needed to prevent yourself from harmful diseases that can affect your health in a negative way. You can also contact your physician to ask them about this research and ask as to what risk status you rest on so that you can get the right guidance in order to prevent the heart diseases.


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