Bionic Brains

There are a lot of people who are living their lives in a living hell where they are praying that they must die because there is no hope for them to be alive. These are the people who are going through an ailment of some kind where they are suffering through every single moment of their lives. It is just so frustrating to live a life where they just cannot see because of retinal detachment and they know that they will not be able to see because there is no known treatment to help them and there are people who know that they just cannot move at all after they suffered an accident where they had fracture of their spine, which left them paraplegic. To tell you honestly it is very easy to say all that but the ones who are truly going through these things, they are just suffering day in and day out and we just cannot understand how much misery they are going through.
It is really very encouraging to know that there are scientists and researchers who are working day and night to find the cure of the problems that have really just crushed the life of the individuals. This article is based on a new research that has found a hope for the individuals who have been paraplegic and this is a great breakthrough for the patients who had spinal cord injuries. The individuals who are quadriplegic are now able to open e-mail, can surf the different channels on TV and can switch on the lights just with their thoughts and it is possible with the help of a brain sensor that is being placed in the brain that just translates the thoughts into actions.

An individual was being attacked with a knife and due to that he was left paraplegic in which he was unable to use his arms or legs, but now since he has been implanted with the sensor in his brain, he can now draw pictures with the computer program and can also play video games, as well as use a prosthetic hand to grab onto things. Isn’t this amazing that the person who had no hope at all is now able to live a life where he is able to start living his life all over again, with learning the new ways that are being devised for him to live a life where he is not dependent and where he is able to communicate with a lot ease. This is a giant leap in the development of new technology and since this is a new advancement, there will be a lot of other technological advancements that will be brought in that would improve these sensors and will be able to provide such individuals with a lot of hope and capacity to perform the activities of daily living.

Before this technology was being used in humans, this was being tested in monkeys and in that there were sensors that were placed and the monkeys were trained to use their mind power to control the cursor on the computer and they were able to control the cursor and that just raised the hopes of the scientists that this technology really worked and it will bring back the lives of millions of people throughout the world who have been living their lives with no hope at all. The researchers are of a thought that this technology will take a lot of time to be available in the market and that there are still a lot of experiments that are needed to be done so that they are able to give the best version of the product so that people can have the maximum benefits from it and that this will not stop there and that there will be a lot of changes that will be done so that much better results can be obtained from them.

The researchers added that as of now the people who were paraplegic are able to use the computer with the sensors placed in their brains and to use their prosthetic limb to grab onto things, which is in its very early phases and that they are looking forward that these individuals just start to live a normal life and that everything can be done very smoothly. They also added that there are a lot of tasks that we do every day and we take all of that for granted. Do we know that when we lift an egg, how complex of a maneuver it is, but we just don’t know. This task becomes complex because there needs to be a very precise force that needs to be applied to lift the egg and if that precise force is not applied, then the egg will just break. They said that they are working on that as well so that these individuals can perform very refined movements as well.

This is a great hope that we have with this research knowing that one day there will be much powerful sensors that would enable these people to live their lives in a totally normal way and this was something that was not present before and people had no hope at all, but now people have hope and they know that they can do something about it. The individual who received the brain sensor was able to activate the motor cortex even after three years from being paralyzed and this was something that was really interesting for the scientists and they are hoping that people who have been paralyzed for longer periods of time can have a new life with these sensors and will be able to live a better life. It was also being added that these sensors will not only be helpful for people who had severe spinal cord injuries through which they had been paraplegic, but it would be useful for those who are suffering from damage to the muscles, nerves, as well the individuals who are survivors of strokes and also the individuals who are suffering from the muscular dystrophy.
Where this research is a big hope for all of the people who are suffering, it has its negative aspects as well. The sensor that is being implanted in the brain can work for a few months and since this is being implanted in the brain, it requires a surgical procedure to take that sensor out and then placing back a new one or recharging the same one and these are very big tasks that need to be worked on.
The things which were thought to be science fiction are now a reality and that is a big hope for the people who are living a life dependent on others where all of their dreams were just lost in hopelessness can now have a life full of dreams and thanks to all the researchers and scientists who are working on them through day and night to bring such an excellent breakthrough to all the mankind. Special thanks to all of the researchers and scientists.


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