Test To Help Prevent Blindness

A lot of people throughout the world fall prey to the clutches of a serious eye infection known as Trachoma, which is a leading infection that causes blindness to millions of people world wide.

The major cause of blindness by Trachoma has been due to the fact that the infection was not detected at an early age and this has then led to a lot of people throughout the world suffer from blindness. According to the statistics that were collected worldwide showed that there are about 6 million people worldwide who are blind because of the infection caused by the Trachoma.

Another very stunning data that was brought into light was that there were about 150 million people who had been infected and needed the treatment and these cases were mostly reported in the developing countries.

Trachoma is caused by the bacteria known as Chlamydia trachomatis and this infects the eyes and the genitals. In this infection, the eyelids are affected and the eyelashes turn inwards into the eyes thus causing scars on the cornea, which then ultimately leads to the loss of vision in that eye.

The bacteria spreads with the hand to eye contact and it is really important that the individual just takes care of their hygiene as these are the most important factors in controlling the spread of infection.

The biggest problem that has always been there up till now was the lack of a diagnostic test that would just tell for sure as to the presence of the Trachoma infection, which would result in early detection and hence would prevent blindness in millions of people throughout the world.

There is this new test that can now diagnose the Trachoma infection with a specificity of about 99.4 percent, which was about 80.2 percent through the tests that were done earlier.

The problem of Trachoma infection is the most prevalent in the Asia and Africa and a lot of people are falling victims to this dreaded problem and this test can prevent millions of people falling in the clutches of this problem, and it is not only these two continents that are going to be benefited from this test, it is going to be millions and millions of people throughout the world.


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