Cancer Free Baby

There has been a remarkable step that is being taken in the world of medical sciences when a couple decided that their child must not inherit the genetic makeup from their parent that would led them to develop the cancer at any point in time in his or her life.

This is a revolutionary step that is being taken by the specialists in genetics, as well as the decision by the parents that has made it possible for that child to not suffer from cancer that runs in the family genetics.

The cancer that they wanted to prevent from passing on to the child was the eye cancer and the study shows that there are about 90% chances that the child will suffer from the eye cancer.

The couple achieved the pregnancy through the process of IVF, which is also known as in vitro fertilization, which means that the sperm and the ova are being fertilized in an environment outside of the body and it is then that the doctors were able to screen the genetic material and were able to remove the genetic material responsible for the eye cancer. So in this process only the embryos were transferred to the womb of the mother that were unaffected.

After this study, it would be possible that the children can be made free of the cancer that runs in the family, and thus they will be able to live a healthy and a happy life. This is a major step that will be causing a breakthrough in the lives of millions of children throughout the globe who could have suffered from the problems with cancer if they were not being treated genetically.

Another very important thing that needs a mention here is that the genetic reading is a very expensive thing and with the passage of time this will become cheaper enough that a lot of couples are able to use this technique to prevent their children from suffering through the cancers that run in their families.

This is a major breakthrough that will change the lives of millions of people throughout the globe. I hope that these tests and services get into the affordable range of the different people and children can be saved from such deadly cancers.


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