Yoga Gives Ease To Patients With Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the main problem that the adults suffer from and this is something that really hurts the back where one feels like a catch in the back or something is just tearing up the back in two or a stabbing pain that people experience in the back.

There are many treatments that are available for the low back pain such as pain killers, massages, acupuncture, back exercises to strengthen the back etc. There is another method, which is currently being used to help relieve the back pain and relax the muscles of the back, which is yoga. Yoga is considered to be a better approach to help the back of the people who are suffering from chronic low back pain.

In the study, researchers randomly assigned 101 adults to take either 12 weeks of yoga class or 12 weeks of a standard therapeutic exercise class, or to follow the advice of a self-care book.
The effects of yoga on the back are being evaluated through a study conducted on 101 adults in whom they had to go for about 12 weeks of yoga. The yoga class was carried out in the viniyoga style, which goes by the idea that the poses should be adapted to the individual’s needs. This session was conducted by an experienced teacher who had been conducted sessions of therapeutic yoga and the classes were limited only to basic poses that would not be putting too much pressure or strain on the back.

The individuals going through that therapy showed that their back functioning is better than their peers who were going through the same back problems.

It is said that yoga is making the mind and body work for you and to help you with the problems that you are going through with both your body and mind. So with the poses that were being made during the class, helped the individuals to get trained as to how they need to go through those poses and it helped them register those poses in their mind, and whenever they use their back to lift things or bending, they know how to perform those maneuvers in order to help them prevent from the agonizing pain that they suffer from their back pain by doing the movements the wrong way.

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