You Can Pull Yourself Out From Strokes Effects

Stroke is a condition in which the blood supply to the brain is altered or stopped, which results in the damage to the brain cells. The damage to the brain cells is irreversible and can lead to temporary or permanent loss of functions. The individuals who suffer from stroke are generally asked to go through a rehabilitation process where they are made to go through the different exercise regimens, which are totally focused to help these individuals to gain strength and to make them able to perform the skills that they have lost because of stroke.

The most important thing that makes the foundation of the physical therapies is an elaborative discussion with the individuals who are going through it. It is very important that they should be told as to what happened and what were the different skills that they lost due to the stroke and what can be done to help regain it back. These kind of discussions just help the individuals to understand as to how much effort will be required and that they need to keep themselves strong through the entire process, as their will is the most important thing that would just make this all possible.

The main purpose of the rehabilitation of stroke patients is to assess the extent of damage being present and then the duration of the rehabilitation is assigned and then the individuals go through an extensive exercise regimen. For example the individuals who has a severe affect on their lower extremities due to which they cannot walk will have to go through a rehabilitation period of about 11 weeks and if the individuals have not regained their strength and the functionality of that limb to a 100% then the duration of the therapy is increased and is made more intense.

The doctors state that even though there are neurological impairments because of the stroke, but the brain has the learning capacity and the individuals can learn to do the basic tasks of their living.

In a study on patients that have suffered from stroke included men and women and they were suffering from problems with walking. There were two blocks of the patients made, one block was made to exercise on the treadmill and the intensity and the duration of the exercise varied among different individuals depending on their level to cope up with that. The other block of patients were made to do the conventional therapies and these were for about 40 minutes with stretching of about 35 minutes and treadmill exercise of about 5 minutes.

After a span of about six months, it was found that the individuals who were going through an intensive program of the treadmill exercise were the ones who had about a 56% improvement in walking ability as compared to the individuals in the other block who were in the traditional group who had an improvement of only about 12%.

Even if you are an individual who had gone through stroke and you had a resultant weakness of your legs and because of that you are unable to walk, then you must know that you can just get yourself back on track no matter how long it has been since you had stroke, you can walk, you can, and you know that.


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