You Cannot Always Sleep With Melatonin

According to the latest research, it was found that the widely used hormone supplement, melatonin is a widely used over the counter hormone supplement and it cannot work as a sleeping pill if the insomnia is caused by an underlying condition. The melatonin does not help prevent the jet lag that one goes through as well.

It is not said that the melatonin is of no use at all to use as a sleep aid. The researchers just conducted the study on the individuals who were suffering from the different medical or psychiatric conditions and were suffering from insomnia because of that. It was also found that the supplement also does not appear to cause any harm to the individuals who take it.

The study was conducted on about 97 people that was focused on sleep problems related to specific disorders, a study on about 427 people, which was focused on sleep trouble related to sleep restriction due to jet lag or shift work and about 651 people who were involved in about 17 safety related studies.

The researchers said that their study was small and if there would have been any other research that would have been bigger than their study then the results might have been quite different than the ones that they got in your study.

There was information provided by the doctor who said that older people often have trouble falling asleep because the pineal gland that works to produce the melatonin gets calcified with age. The people who are elderly, when take the melatonin can add up to the lack of the pineal gland and can improve their sleep.

There was a mention in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, which when given in small doses such as 0.3 mg can help people overcome their problem of insomnia.

If melatonin is given in larger amounts, it then deactivates the receptors that transfers the hormone into the cells.

It was also found out that when the dose of the melatonin was raised, the results that were thought to be achieved by this medicine were not that great and overwhelm the receptors.


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