Your Pet Can Help You Stay Fit

It has been found that the dedicated dog owners do spend more time exercising than their neighbors who are without pet dogs, this was found in the research conducted in the issue of preventive medicine.

When people own a pet dog, they know that they have to give time to them and they need to walk them around and this way they are doing exercise of their own and this is really very positive and helps them to take care of their health.

The researchers just surveyed about 177 men and 174 women that were ranging between the ages of about 20 and 80 and they found that the individuals who own a pet were walking about 300 minutes per week than people who did not have any pets and they walked for about 168 minutes per week.

It was also found out that the people who owned pets were exercising less other than doing the walk with their pets and they were walking because it was an obligation to give time to their pets and not specifically careful about their health. This was a behavior that was being found in the people who owned pets.

It was also found that the women and men spent about equal amount of time walking their dogs.
It is also being stated that people who are living in urban areas are spending a great deal of time walking. It was also stated that the community infrastructure where there are parks for walking dogs can help a great deal to the people who own pets and this will just provide them an environment that they would love to visit every day.

This study shows that it is really positive that one adopts a pet and this will be a great motivation for them to workout and getting a time out in the day where they could spend some time on their health. This would be one great benefit to them and they would keep up with maintaining their health in a very positive way.


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